October 28, 2020

Hannah Montana prequel announced – La Provincia

The launch of the platform in ‘streaming’ Disney has opened a world of possibilities and thanks to it we can know what happened to ‘Lizzie McGuire ‘, whose production has already started, or we will have the spin-off of ‘Princess by Surprise‘(still in project). But it seems that a story has been confirmed that will be the fantasy of many: they are working on a prequel to ‘Hannah Montana’, that is, that we will know how and why it came Miley Cyrus (27) to become a great star.

Until now everything was rumor, but it has been Billy Ray Cyrus, father of the character and Miley herself, who has spoken for the portal ‘Hollywood Life’ and it has made us think that the project is on track: “They are talking about making a prequel and, in my case, I would not think twice before agreeing to participate in it because it would give me a good excuse to recover my mullet hairstyle.”

According to him: “I think there’s a whole story to explore that would explain how Miley ended up becoming Hannah Montana.”, although he advises producers that this time they hire a real actor.

Being a prequel, it does not seem that the singer has a place in the series, not to mention that she does not keep too many good memories of that moment in her life. Although she has not issued any opinion about it, fans believe it would be amazing see it appear in one of the chapters and we have hundreds of ideas to make it credible.

Miley has talked, and much, how that double life affected him during his adolescence and, although he has already made peace with the fictional character, he wants to stay as far away as possible from the Disney girl … normal.


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