Hamraoui recounts the aggression and shows how his legs were

Kheira Hamraoui and a picture of her injury.

More and more data is coming in about aggression than Kheira Hamraoui suffered on November 4 in Paris. The player of the PSG spread, through the newspaper ‘L’Équipe’, the harsh consequences after the attack. The picture shows a bruise on the upper thigh and a cut. The aforementioned media assures that the player is under psychological treatment as palliative therapy for the event she has suffered.

The ex of the Barça related that everything happened to few meters of his house. A van approached the player and two individuals with their faces covered with a black ski mask got out and shouted “Open the door!”, successively, according to what he declared to the judicial police of Versailles. The assailants threw Hamraoui out of the vehicle, he fell to the ground, and began to hit her on the legs with a rectangular iron bar. “I tried to protect myself with my hands as much as I could,” he says. After several seconds hitting her they fled and Aminata Diallo, the driver of the vehicle in which the PSG midfielder was, alerted the club’s security forces, who took her to the hospital in Poissy, where the doctors took care of treating her wounds and reassuring her. After knowing the news, the club prescribed several days of rest to him to recover physically and mentally.

Eric and Hayet Abidal want to testify as soon as possible

Diallo was questioned after the event, when she was the main suspect. Now all eyes are on the ex-footballer Eric Abidal and his wife Hayet, who want to declare to end all the rumors that surround them. This has been transmitted to the Versailles prosecutor’s office. To all this, Hamraoui’s lawyer assures that the real victim of everything that happened is his client, who has already returned to training individually, away from her teammates. “My client has never declared, for example, to the investigators of the Judicial Police of Versailles whose phone chip was. This is misinformation that was disseminated, to the detriment of Ms Hamraoui. The question is: for what purpose? “, Said the French lawyer.

‘L’ Équipe ‘has also assured that, given the media significance that the case has raised in recent weeks, the dean of the Versailles investigating judges, Joëlle nahon, has issued a letter rogatory to the investigators of the judicial police of Versailles in order to be able to trace those responsible.


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