May 29, 2020

Hamilton remembers Alonso to criticize Ferrari

Ferrari is experiencing a strange situation in the Formula 1 World Championship. "Seb (Vettel) was clearly number one at Ferrari, but now it is not," said World Cup leader Lewis Hamilton. "And they want it to be Charles (Leclerc), because of his energy, his attitude …", insisted the Briton, who does not think this is a "good philosophy" or is "good for the team." "We at Mercedes have ours and we are doing well," said Lewis, who gave an example of what is happening with Ferrari when he had to share a team with Fernando Alonso at McLaren in 2007. «When I was with Fernando, he was number one, but in the middle of the season the idea was changed to match him. I was still the one who charged the most and that, but they gave us the same fuel and began to see changes. The dynamics changed and it didn't end up being good for the team, "said the Lewis. That World Cup ended with Raikkonen as world champion, precisely with Ferrari, taking advantage of the fight between Hamilton and Alonso.

"What I like is to win the number one role on the track, but starting from the same conditions," the five-time F-1 champion finished.

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