Hamilton, a 'pole' that may well be worth a title | sports

Hamilton, a 'pole' that may well be worth a title | sports

This weekend Ferrari moved to Austin a new flat bottom for the car of Sebastian Vettel, in an attempt to reduce the margin in favor of the Mercedes that the German constructor managed to generate this summer and that served to put the fifth title of Lewis Hamilton to the reach of the hand of the Briton. However, the gain of this new component of the red racing car can reach three tenths of a lap in the best of cases. That is half of the more than six tenths per lap in which the difference has been fixed in favor of the Mercedes in the last races. The Scuderia does not lower its arms but everything seems ready for Hamilton to have a great time this Sunday in Austin (20.10, Movistar F-1) and leave with the fifth champion crown encasquetada, which would equal Fangio, just for behind the seven-time champion Michael Schumacher.

To achieve this there are several possibilities, although given the inertia that Tewin's boy has been playing lately, the first option that should be evaluated is that he won the race -Hamilton has won six of the last eight stops on the calendar, in the last four consecutive and also accumulated four wins in the last four visits to the Texas track. If that happens, Vettel only has one option to postpone, probably a week, until Mexico, the alirón of the Briton. And for that you must finish the second one.

The scenario does not do more than to invite to think that the mark of the Silver Arrows will arm it and fat in the United States. Even more so if we consider that his flagship will come first when the light turns green this Sunday and that his only rival will do the fifth despite achieving the second best record in the last round (Q3), weighed by a penalty previous. Fernando Alonso did not pass the first cut of the timed (Q1) and finished the 16th, waiting for the penalties that may happen to allow him to climb some positions on the grid, while Carlos Sainz did the 11th after remaining only two thousandths of sneaking into Q3.

In one of his favorite scenarios, the current champion claimed his ninth pole of the season and 81 of his service record, figures that reflect in a crystal clear way the moment the creature is passing through. Ferrari opted for a configuration in their cars with more downforce, very important in the first sector of the American layout, while the manufacturer of the star preferred to release a bit of theirs to fly in the second section, the engine. Mercedes won the first round of what is presumed to be the final fight, something usual in Austin, which has decided the World Cup seven times.

Vettel has lost since the break: Hamilton has added 70 points more than him in eight great prizes, a bite that exemplifies the growth of the W09 and the stagnation of the SF71H. In case the company that is required was little, the Ferrari drag a penalty of three positions on the grid that the commissars imposed on him during the day on Friday for not respecting properly the implication of the appearance of a red flag – he did not reduce his speed sufficiently. One more symptom of the bewilderment stage in which the Heppenheim rider has been involved for some time now and that has given way to the less reliable version of the four-time champion.

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