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It was his own anarchist companions who ended it. Halma Angelico, a Catholic writer and militant of the CNT, a resounding and temperamental feminist, was branded as a counterrevolutionary to extol, in the midst of civil war, the values ​​of education and love against the horror of battle. She was the only woman who, at the height of the Civil War, premiered at the Teatro Español, in a besieged and bombed city. It was in August 1938 with the work Ak and humanity, a montage based on a Russian story in which Angelic added the character of a ghost who denounced the absurdity of war and hatred unleashed - "we must improve humanity, not destroy it," he said. I was then 50 years old, I was separated and I was the mother of two children, one of them at the front. She was accused of provoking discouragement in the front and, two weeks after the premiere, after a campaign of feverish harassment by the press and the leaders of the anarchist union, the function was banned. "If I were a man I would not be in that situation," denounced Halma Angelic, a pseudonym of María Francisca Clar Margarit, who sent a letter of resignation as a militant of CNT. It was the end of this tireless creator and essayist. He did not write again anymore. Imprisoned a few months after the war ended, he died in silence and ruined fourteen years later.

The National Dramatic Center recover the figure of this woman with the work Halma[Inlargeprint[Enletragrande], written and directed by Yolanda García Serrano (Madrid, 1958) and starring Ana Villa and Enrique Asenjo. The room El negro blanco, at the Teatro Valle Inclán, will witness from February 19 to March 3, the rage and despair of a woman, president of the Lyceum Club Femenino during the Republic, unable to tear down the wall of I hate that he rose against her. "The vultures lurk the destruction of humanity," he denounced.

"The time has come to do what she could not do", she proposed Yolanda García Serrano, National Prize for Dramatic Literature in 2018 by RunFascinated by a woman who must never have been forgotten. It has not been an easy task. The playwright, who barely found a couple of photos of her, has spent many months in the National Library soaking up all the works written by Angelic, essays, novels, articles or theater, and investigating in the press of the time. He has discovered a modern woman, a feminist fighter, who defended motherhood without a father and who advocated teaching as the key to humanity. "I could write your articles myself today. I felt like a soul mate. I think how she thought. I was very struck by the fact that he never wrote again and decided to stay in Spain despite the offers he had to go into exile, "explains the playwright, who barely found a couple of photos of her.

The theatrical function imagines, with real data, the encounter, in a scenario populated by books, by Halma Angélico and the director and actor of Ak and humanity, Manuel González, in the middle of the campaign of harassment suffered by the author. "She was never forgiven for denouncing that the bloodshed was not justified, that the two years of war did not lead to anything," regrets García Serrano, who saves a new image of Halma, who has been sent by the great-granddaughter of the writer, happy and proud when she learned that, finally, her great grandmother was going to leave the unjust hole of silence.


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