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A powerful judge, actually a cacique who controls the city, suffers a series of hallucinations since the suicide of his son. In the first sequence of the first season of The hand of God (Amazon), an unintelligible litany claims naked in the fountain of a public square. He's talking to God and we talk about Ron Perlman, an actor with a very long career, from the great The name of the rose (there he spoke in Latin) until the co-starring in Sons of Anarchy.

Naturally, there are corrupt policemen, corrupt high officials, honest prostitutes, professional murderers, servile mayor, infidelities, magnates of the new demonic technologies ... There is everything, even to excess, because the ten episodes of the first season are something reiterative And yet, once started, it is difficult to stop seeing it.

The second season, also of ten chapters, is seen more fluently. There are still corrupt, murderers and biblical dialogues everywhere, but with a greater diversity of situations, and the characters no longer need so much contextualization. The action is important, the progressive knowledge of the reasons for suicide, with its twists and turns and false appearances.

The writers do not hesitate to use profusely the hallucinations of the powerful judge to develop the plot. It is a plot trick like any other, although they are more consistent and functional than, for example, the hallucinations of Torra and Puigdemont on their happy Arcadia, which is no longer so happy because of the damn and prosaic reality.

The series, for its distribution and powerful production, was one of Amazon's big bets. Different thing is its popular success; has not reached the expected, then, although the second season leaves an open end, it has already been announced that there will be a third. The pragmatism of the chains is indisputable: worth what the audience is worth.


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