Half of the Civil Guard barracks are closed at some point

Archive image of the Civil Guard barracks in Teguise (Lanzarote). / CARRASCO

The AUGC denounces that the announced increase in troops is due to new units, to the detriment of citizen security teams

B. Hernandez

B. HERNANDEZ The Gran Canarian palms

The civil Guard It has in
Gran Canaria ten
quarters, three in the south and seven in the rest of the island. However, more than half of them are closed and
no patrols in any of the shifts due to lack of personnel as reported by the
Unified Group of Civil Guards (AUGC).

This situation, explains the aforementioned organization, was experienced last weekend but
the problem is "quite recurring" due to the deficit in the staff of the
citizen security units. It details, for example, that on the night of September 2 to 3 "we had fingers left over on one hand to count the security patrols (each made up of two agents) that were on the streets of the island."


  • Increase
    According to the Ministry of the Interior, the number of members of the State security forces and bodies has increased by 8.7% in the last four years.

  • new units
    For the AUGC, this growth has been to provide new teams and fill vacancies and has been carried out to the detriment of citizen security patrols.

  • closed barracks
    This situation, denounces the Civil Guards Group, means that many barracks have to close due to lack of agents.

Ministry of Interior reported last week that
the number of members of the National Police and the Civil Guard has increased by 8.7% available in the Canary Islands from the end of 2017, reaching 7,709 people.

According to these data, the archipelago has seen how the staff of
State Security Forces and Bodies in 617 people in the last four and a half years.

Specifically, the
National Police has increased its presence in the archipelago by a
11.9% to reach 4,158 troops in the autonomous community, while the staff of
Civil Guard by 5.2% and currently this body is made up of 3,551 people.

new units

The AUGC points out that, "without questioning these data", the truth is that this increase is fundamentally due, according to its records, to
creating new units or covering casualtiesa practice carried out
to the detriment, they insist, of the citizen security teams«that are those who are in the street».

These new units include the
Equipment @, which aims to strengthen the response structure to 'cyber incidents' and ensure care for victims of cyber attacks. This service, AUGC apostille, is currently
"crowded" by the high number of electronic complaints that occur daily.

Likewise, the Civil Guard has a drone unit, which responds to the name of
Pegasus (Police Specialist in Aeronautical Management and Operational Safety)
«which works with personnel that have been taken from the airport" or the
rock groupin charge of reinforcing surveillance against theft in rural areas.


Another of these teams that have been put into operation within the Civil Guard has the objective of fighting against
gender violence and care for minors.

However, the Unified Group of Civil Guards understands that this team is underfunded. He points out in this regard that
Neighborhood there is only
three agents dedicated exclusively to monitoring 170 victims who have filed a complaint, a figure that they describe as “absolutely insufficient”.

The situation of lack of personnel is such, indicated AUGC, that in
Fuerteventura one has been removed
secondment for ten agents for four months -who must travel from the peninsula- to
Morro Jablesince this barracks in some shifts has had to close due to lack of troops.

This barracks is "main" and should have three patrols to cover all day. The call has been published this week and will probably start on October 1. They also denounce that this same situation is also occurring in
Great Tarajal.

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