June 23, 2021

‘Half and half’ raises the curtain with Yanely Hernández and Lili Quintana

With a text by the actor Jordi Sánchez and the playwright Pep Antón Gómez, the aforementioned production of the company La República will soon begin its tour of the Canary Islands, produced by Acelera Producciones, promoters of the successful works La gran depression or El eunuco.

The new comedy by the company La República was already premiered in 2013 filling theaters in Spain, inspired by a text written by Jordi Sánchez (‘La que se avecina’) and Pep Antón Gómez, a prolific creative tandem with theatrical and television successes such as Krámpack, We are not having dinner today, The Eunuch or Excuses. Its director, Nacho Cabrera, has converted, with the approval of both authors, the original male roles into female ones, being the first time that the dramaturgy of this text has been modified.

The text by Jordi Sánchez and Pep Antón Gómez addresses the drama of caregivers


According to the director of Half and Half, Nacho Cabrera, “it addresses a drama that is so present in our society today as that of family caregivers. With La República we usually produce shows about the great universal dramas, but this time we decided to delve into a domestic one. That nobody is fooled, because this montage is a drama camouflaged by small strokes of black comedy. Delve into the moral reflections on the right to decide about your own life, respect for the dignity of the person and therapeutic fierceness without taking into account the necessary care to alleviate the physical and moral pain of the patient and, of course, the public is he will ask in his armchair, do I have to laugh at what I am seeing? ”, warns the director.


“The text does not change fundamentally, it is the same one that came to us from the hands of the authors, but it is true that in the skin of two peculiar women it takes on a deeper dimension”, underlines Nacho Cabrera. “It is a vertiginous text, which requires a staging with a tense play of very attractive rhythms. This tension between members of the same family is what puts the audience in the uncomfortable position of whether or not they should laugh at the stark reality on stage ”.

Lili Quintana and Yanely Hernández are the protagonists of the show, putting themselves under Nacho Cabrera for the first time. The production Half and Half is completed with costumes by Juan Peñate, scenography by Carlos Santos and an evocative sound space that weaves together action and text, in which the saxophonist Eliseo Bordón and the composer and pianist Héctor Muñoz have had a lot to do with it. Furthermore, on this occasion he acts as assistant director and alderman on tour.

Lili Quintana plays Jeanette, a woman victim of her husband with whom she runs a dilapidated business, forced to carve out a life amidst difficulties until she creates her own world in which she seems to be drowning. For her part, Yanely Hernández plays the insecure Carlota, the other sister in this stressful situation comedy that has a dense and bitter background that drags viewers into a reflection from the catharsis of humor.

Hernández, who premiered in cinemas on May 21 the feature film by Canarian director Armando Ravelo, The volcano skin, produced by Hormigas Negras with the collaboration of Macaronesia Films, maintains that for them “it is a great pleasure to be the first women who they play the leading roles originally devised in dramaturgy to be assumed by men. The conflict is the same if it is defended by two men or two women, although I do believe that the way we face this conflict changes, ”considers Hernández, whose character has been dealing with a tormented mother for years. “There are very funny and terrible situations taken to the limit.”


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