Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

Hala Madrid !: “Let’s go for the Triplete!”

It’s official: Real Madrid lives the best moment in the last year and a half. Before a powerful rival, very well worked, and without several of his best players (Benzema, Bale, Hazard, James, Valverde …), Madrid struck again on the table. What would have been a flat tire months ago became another example of Zidane’s team being a clear candidate to win absolutely everything.

«The Madrid we want»

The state of euphoria in the Madrid fans has been declared. «This is the Madrid we want, Edu! This is our Madrid! ”Exclaimed an amateur in ecstasy after the meeting. “It has cost us, but we are fit, this year we can win everything. They won’t stop us! ”Said a group of Real Madrid players. «Let them prepare, that this year we will take the Triplete …» and it was really the most repeated word minutes after the end of the match against Sevilla. Real Madrid believes that winning all three competitions is very possible.

«Casemiro is the best»

He has long been a reference for his own and covers mouths every season, every game … but against Sevilla, almost certainly, he played his best game as a Real Madrid player. “Casemiro has saved us, in addition to defending twice ago … to be criticized now!” Said a Madrid player claiming the figure of the midfielder. «Casemiro is one of the best in the world in his position! Today was the best. Always on our team! ”, A man in the Real Madrid shirt unleashed. Of course, after a victory against Sevilla where Casemiro was precisely the hero, everyone remembered our good friend and companion: “Where is Cristóbal Soria, Cristóbal Soria where he is”, people sang in unison.

«This is Vinicius»

Little by little things are seen. The potential and quality are there, that is undeniable, and you just need to have confidence in yourself and the Santiago Bernabéu will see the best version of Vinicius. «You played very well, Edu. It shows a lot when he takes it, ”said a young partner. «This is the Vinicius we need, a player with confidence and who faces. You have to trust him! ”, A Real Madrid player said after the game.


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