'Hakta' wins the Little Festival of La Palma

Preparations for the Festivalito closing gala. / c7

The awards were announced at a closing ceremony held on Saturday night

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the short film
'Hakta', by Cándido Pérez de Armashas won the Audience Star in the
17th edition of the Festivalito La Palmato which in a week of filming more than 90 shorts have been submitted to the La Palma Rueda contest.

At the closing gala, hosted by
Juanjo Neris and Yolanda Gomezthere were 30 projected finalist shorts that opted for a Star, all of them shot on La Palma under the motto
'Now or never'.

'Hakta' rises with
the Miguel Brito award to the Star of the public to the most outstanding short film and this same short film also took the
Jury Special Star Award.

More prizes

The Roberto Rodríguez Star for the most outstanding short film in the Lyra section went to
'Si ma', by Saúl Macías and Esther Muñoz.

'Cold', by David Sainz, won the award for distribution, awarded by Digital 104 and the new recognition La Palma, Isla Bonita from the La Palma Film Commission was awarded to
'Red Light', by Anatael Pérez.

A statement from the organization informs that actors and actresses have also been recognized with the Star for the most outstanding actor and the star for the most outstanding actress
Pillar King. They were
Jacobo Santiago and Natalia Prieto, respectively, the first for the set of performances and the second for his role in 'Videobook'. And from acting to staging, the Estrella award
Kike Pérez for the most outstanding edition went to Emilio González.

Among the other nominations, the Estrella La Palma World Biosphere Reserve award went to the short film
'Inverse', by Manuel Noguera; Ángela Blanco and Gaspar González received the Rainbow Star for
'One more'.

The Estrella La Palma Isla de las Estrellas, which is awarded to short films that visualize the night sky, went to
'The Age of the Stars', by Frédéric Fuso.

The Star for the most outstanding makeup goes to Anacristinafacebodyart, Amaia Eizmendi and Esther Fernández for their work in
'Hakta' and the awards related to sound have gone to
'cold'by Esther Logon and Javi Lería with the Star for the most outstanding sound design and the music of Jonay Armas for
'Red light', which gives the Music Library & SFX award to its director Anatael Pérez for the most outstanding original music. 'Hakta' also collects the Star for the most outstanding photograph.

The organization indicates that like every year, the La Palma Rueda filming contest has relevant professionals in the audiovisual sector who are part of the jury and in this edition it has had
Alberto Jonay García Martín, Andrea García Garrido, Genoveva Asunción Ayala Correa, María del Rosario González Calimano Espinosa, Rolando Díaz and Marta Martín.

In addition to the Estrella awards, several recognitions were also made to protagonists who did a great job in La Palma Rueda.

The public mention for the most outstanding short film went to
'Say no', by Rubén Delgado as well as the special mention of the jury that was granted to
'The usual ones'; the special mention to the most outstanding short film of La Palma Rueda Lyra went to
'Julia', by Teresa Segura and David Sainza short film that also received the mention for the most outstanding photography and the Gold Pacifier Star of the Festivalito.

'yes ma' won the special mention for the most outstanding edition and Salomé Moreno's short film 'Mariposa' was recognized for the mention for the most outstanding music.

The special mention to the most outstanding short of La Palma Rueda Andrómeda went to
'Gunpowder', by Diego Villalba; the mention for sustainable filming went to 'Una piñata' by Rosa P. Almeida and the mention for most outstanding actress was awarded to Esther Muñoz Barreto, in
'Si ma', Marta Fuenar and Laura Jiménez, both for their work as a whole.

Jose Carlos Guigou by
'dismantled' and Vítor Hubara, for his performance in the short films in which he participated, received the special mention for the most outstanding actor.

«The Festivalito La Palma is unique in the world for prioritizing filming on the island and the coexistence between filmmakers and inhabitants of the island. Here the more than one hundred registered people share their art to create wonderful works full of history and a very interesting background”, he added.
José Víctor Fuentes, director of the festival.

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