Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Haitian opposition denounces the death of four people during protests

The opposition in Haiti denounced on Friday that at least four people died and dozens were injured during demonstrations in Port-au-Prince and other cities in the country claiming the resignation of Haitian President Jovenel Moise.

The spokesman for the Haitian National Police (PNH), Gary Desrosiers, only confirmed to the media that one of the agents of that body was injured in St-Marc, about 100 kilometers north of the capital.

The leader of the Democratic and Popular Sector movement André Michel told Efe that three people died in the capital and that Jouby Joubert, 16, was killed during the incidents in St-Marc.

Michel said the deaths are the result of the "irresponsible behavior" of some agents of the National Police, while highlighting the "success" of the mobilization day.

"Something is clear right now, the days of Jovenel Moise are numbered. Jovenel Moise is a head of state rejected by the Haitian population. All police officers involved in human rights violations will be prosecuted," said the opposition leader.

During the riots in the city of St-Marc two branches of the National Credit Bank were set on fire.

Police used tear gas to disperse hundreds of opposition protesters, who responded with stones and bottles, when they tried to approach Moise's residence, to "collect his resignation letter" to the charge.

The protesters had gathered in Pétion-Ville, from where they planned to begin the journey to the president's house.

Another group of opponents, agglomerated in St-Pierre square, did not stop and tried to march towards the Pelerin sector, where the ruler lives on top of a hill.

During the demonstration, AP photographer Rebecca Rockwell was injured with bottle fragments, Efe reporters confirmed.

Rockwell covered today's incidents in replacement of fellow Chery Dieu-Nalio, who was shot when a senator fired indiscriminately at the gates of the Haitian Senate on September 23.

The photographer receives medical attention in the Dominican Republic border.

The work of journalists is increasingly difficult in Haiti. The night of Thursday was killed by strangers in Mirebalais (center of the country) the journalist of Radio Mega Nehemie Joseph.

The journalist was found dead last night in the trunk of his vehicle with three bullet strikes, after he was subjected to threats, colleagues of the deceased's profession confirmed to Efe on Friday.

Relatives and friends of the victim found the body of Joseph, who worked for the Panik FM radio and was a Mega radio correspondent.

The death of this journalist joins that of Pétion Rospide, who died last June during a protest to demand the resignation of Moise, and the disappearance of the graphic reporter Vladjimir Legagneur, which was completed one year in March without the authorities having clarified the case.

The Association of Haitian Journalists (AJH) condemned the murder of Joseph, expressed his dismay and sadness upon hearing the news and appealed to the National Police to carry out an investigation to identify the perpetrators of this murder and carry them out before the justice.

Over the past four weeks, Haiti has experienced a situation of tension marked by violent demonstrations, looting, deaths and injuries.

Corruption, fuel shortages, hunger and insecurity have exacerbated the crisis, which is paralyzing all activities in the Port-au-Prince region and in some cities within the country for almost four weeks.

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