July 12, 2020

Haiti exceeds 1,000 cases of coronavirus infections

The Haitian Ministry of Health reported on Tuesday of 105 new cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, making the infected number 1,063, while the deceased totaled 31, after 4 new deaths.

In the impoverished Caribbean country, there are also 3,328 suspected cases of the disease, including 1,006 transmitted locally, according to the information.

Meanwhile, 22 people have been cured after becoming infected with the pathogen.

Of the 1,063 confirmed cases, 39.7% are women and 60.3% men.

The most affected department is the West with 769 accumulated cases and 19 deaths. The most affected city is Delmas with 208 infections, followed by Port-au-Prince with 179 and Petion-Ville with 163 cases.

The Haitian Institute of Statistics and Information (IHSI) announced yesterday at a press conference that it has the technology to identify people who had contact with those infected.

In the country, many cases of fever have been reported these weeks, but the affected people refuse to go to the hospital and prefer to be treated at home with traditional medicine, according to testimonies collected by Efe, a situation that has caused several deaths.

In this regard, the director general of the Haitian Ministry of Health, Lauré Adrien, explained that “there is no fever epidemic, but rather a COVID-19 epidemic”, so as soon as a person has a fever “ipso is advised de facto “quarantined.

Despite the increase in cases of contamination, the Haitian population still does not respect the measures established by the authorities, such as social distancing and the mandatory use of masks in public places.

Haiti, the poorest country in America and with a fairly poor health system, is in a state of sanitary emergency, which has been extended for two months.

According to a decree published last week, it is prohibited to take photos, videos or any other imaging technique to a coronavirus patient without their authorization, under penalty of a fine of 10,000 gourdes (about $ 94), 15 days in prison or 30 community service days.

The Scientific Commission created by the Executive to monitor the pandemic announced a peak of the disease for the end of May and the beginning of June.


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