Hairdressers, masseurs and other services reopen in Croatia and Slovenia

Hairdressers and beauty, massage, tattoo and cosmetic salons have reopened this Monday in Croatia and Slovenia, countries that have thus entered the second phase of de-escalation of the restrictions against the COVID-19 pandemic, after a six-week hiatus .

This partial revival of the economy takes place when the Balkan country, with 4.5 million inhabitants, records 2,096 confirmed cases of contagion by coronavirus, including 79 people who died.

The demand for hairdressers is enormous, with waiting lists of an average of one month already on the first day of reopening, since in order to receive care it is mandatory in all services to make an appointment in advance, by phone or email.

These professionals explain that, in addition to the time it takes to disinfect the premises, as well as the seats and utensils used before and after each client, they have never had to spend so much time on the phone, which rings endlessly.

Among the hygiene measures to minimize new infections as much as possible, it is essential that everyone wear masks and gloves.

Likewise, in the premises, the minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained between people, except between the client and the professional who attends him.

The Croatian Institute of Public Health (HZJZ) in Croatia has published on the internet detailed instructions on the measures to which businesses must comply, which in the case of hairdressers occupy five pages.

Bottles with appropriate disinfectant are prescribed at various points for customers, disposable dresses to cover them and keep a record of the identities and contact details of each. At the same time, it is urged to speak as little as possible.

Similar provisions also apply to dog grooming salons, also reopened today.

Pet hair has grown so much in a month and a half that waiting lists for some Zagreb dog salons already exceed 45 days, say the owners of these venues.

The situation is similar in neighboring Slovenia, a country that on Sunday, for the second consecutive day, has not registered any case of contagion: all 500 tests carried out in 24 hours were negative. With this, since Friday the total number of infected has remained thus at 1,439. Of these, 97 patients have died.

In addition to all shops, including services, cafes and churches have reopened in Slovenia.

In both countries, more sports training is allowed and ambulance service and hospital care for non-urgent cases were resumed.


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