Hairdressers call a vigil next Monday in their establishments for the Senate to vote on VAT




After the disgust for what is already the fourth veto of the Government in the last half year to the 10% VAT 'refund' to hairdressers and beauty salons from the current 21% in which the previous PP Government placed it when Spain flirted with the rescue in 2012, hairdressers and beauty salons are already thinking about the next step: the meeting of the Table of Senate next Monday, December 20. For this reason, the Business Alliance for the Lowering of VAT on hairdressing and aesthetics has convened for that day a vigil in all its establishments with the lighting of candles, as a sign of 'hope' for political parties to be consistent and support the return to reduced VAT for personal image.

In any case, the damage to the institutions is already perpetrated: the last veto
has already compromised the institutional position
of the last two Socialist Senate presidents (Pilar Llop Y Ander Gil) and will force this Monday to take a portrait of the PNV whose vote is decisive in the Senate Table.

Specifically, the position assumed by the Basque party will allow or not that they be debated and voted in the Plenary of Budgets next week three amendments who ask to lower the VAT to the personal image sector vetoed by the Government yesterday. Namely: that of the PP, Citizens and Confederal Left, of which members of the Executive include Compromís, Geroa Bai and Més per Mallorca, among others. The PNV has supported the claims of hairdressers in the past and they hope that it will be consistent with their trajectory. The vigil called in all the establishments of Spain, within the campaign 'Rebellion of the broken scissors', seeks to highlight the relevance of this request for this activity.

If finally the Senate Table backs down on the veto of the opposition's amendments, a maneuver that the sector dismissed yesterday as "Cacicada", The PSOE would be heading towards another political defeat since in the eight previous votes on this issue in the Congress of Deputies and the Senate the Socialists have been practically alone.

The process in the Senate, which will probably introduce more changes in the Budgets and, perhaps, included in the VAT of hairdressers must return to the Congress of Deputies around December 28. Once again, the parties will have to be photographed.

"A dramatic setting"

In line with all of the above, the spokesman for the Alliance for the lowering of VAT to 10% José Luis Azañón has recalled that sectors to which VAT was raised in 2012 as the florists and Culture have already recovered their type. “If VAT is not restored, the closures will continue. More than 30% of companies have closed since March 2020, of which 50,000 establishments that existed, approximately 35,000 remain and the latest survey by the Alliance gives us a dramatic scenario ", points out Azañón and recalls that according to a report commissioned by this platform, returning the 10% VAT would save the Government 150 million euros for the preservation of jobs and taxation of hundreds of self-employed and micro-SMEs.

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