Haddad repudiates authoritarianism and says that Brazil "is at risk" with Bolsonaro

Haddad repudiates authoritarianism and says that Brazil "is at risk" with Bolsonaro

The progressive Fernando Haddad, candidate for the Presidency of Brazil for the Workers Party (PT), today repudiated "any form of authoritarianism" and assured that the country "is at risk" with the far-right Jair Bolsonaro, his adversary in the second round of the elections.

"From my performance in the student movement, I am an ardent defender of democracy, I repudiate any form of authoritarianism, I believe that Brazil is at risk with a person who has no commitment to institutions," Haddad said at a press conference in Sao Paulo in allusion to Bolsonaro.

The former Minister of Education, who obtained 29% of the votes in the first round of the elections held on October 7 compared to 46% of Bolsonaro, said that he was always "in favor of freedoms" on his fifth consecutive day of electoral agenda in the capital of paulista.

Haddad and Bolsonaro will meet on October 28 in a second round for which polls predict a blunt defeat of the PT candidate.

According to a survey released Monday by the Ibope Institute, the right-wing would win with 59% of valid votes compared to 41% would get the successor of former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, prisoner for corruption and vetoed by the Justice to concur after being convicted in second instance.

In addition, Haddad became for the first time the most rejected candidate, with 47% of those interviewed who assured that they would never vote in it, compared to 35% who said the same of their adversary.

While he finishes defining his strategy to reverse that enormous distance of 18 points, Haddad commented today that he will not keep anyone from the current economic team of President Michel Temer if he wins the elections.

"As of January 1, Temer's team comes out and a new team comes in. Bolsonaro says he's going to keep it, we're not going to keep anyone at the top of Temer's economic team," he said.

On the other hand, Haddad celebrated that the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) ordered the blockade of several videos that circulate in social networks in which it is associated with the distribution of a book with "material inappropriate for children of six years" during his administration as Minister of Education in the Lula governments.

"It's a struggle of years, the subjects were false and Bolsonaro himself was forced to remove the video in which he accused me of that," he said.

The captain in the Army Reserve, a nostalgic of the military dictatorship (1964-1985), who presents himself as an advocate of the values ​​of the traditional Brazilian family, affirms that the book in question encourages children to become preoccupied with sex and it is "an open door to pedophilia".

However, the Electoral Justice considered that the dissemination of the "wrong information" that this work was divulged by the Ministry of Education "generates misinformation in the electoral period, with damage to the public debate" and therefore determined its blockade.


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