July 8, 2020

Hackers revolutionize the AOR – La Provincia

The AOR is in fashion. The acronym for Adult Oriented Rock (rock for adults), a style that had its punch and development since the late 70s, which hatched in the 80s, and was displaced by other musical currents in the 90s, now emerges with new bands and public that demands it. A sound related to formations such as Toto, Journey, Foreigner or Survivor, among others, and that in this round of the AOR has a protagonist from Gran Canaria: Hackers.

A formation that began to take place in October 2016 in a meeting between two musicians related to this genre and who were part of Krull, a mythical band from the Gran Canaria scene, related to heavy rock and even the AOR: the drummer Paco Santana, and the guitar Fran Alonso. From that meeting came the band that was implemented with other veterans of the island scene: César González, on bass; Elvis Pescossa, to the keyboards; and Victor Guardia, to the voice.

A first album, Start from scratch, self-published by the group, which was published last March, with a circulation of 500 copies, already sold out in less than a month, and with a second edition on the street, has allowed Hackers not only Open Scorpions and Europe concerts on the Island, or accompany Freak Kitchen, but project your music on the European market, in countries such as Germany, Sweden, Italy, England and France, and other destinations such as Peru, Chile or Japan.

"We are very happy with the acceptance that the album has had both here and in Europe and elsewhere, because I did not expect this style to have bands and followers now, when we talk about music that had its time in the 80s," he explains. Paco Santana, Hacker drummer. The guitar Fran Alonso agrees to value the impact of Hackers as "a surprise, since it was a risky bet with a style that already had its golden age, and that in the 90's the grunge took it ahead".

Santana and Alonso congratulate themselves on the fact of "having reached the people" with their own repertoire and with themes like A two centimeters from you and Start from scratch, which gives title to the album, and which were the first singles that were released in social networks before the physical edition.

In Spanish

The ten songs from Start from scratch (including a piano version of A two centimeters from you) are in Spanish lyrics. A slight difficulty facing the Anglo-Saxon market, and demanded by some followers who have discovered the group. "It is a genre that moves very well in English, and perhaps for the future and in an upcoming album, let's make some of the English versions." At the moment, the band enjoys an exceptional situation for a self-managed and insular project, which has faced the debut edition on its own.

"Not even in the best dreams we thought something like this could happen," says Fran Alonso. "We are working on new things," the guitarist advances from each to a second album that has no assigned date.

The resurrection of the AOR, which Hackers has a lot to do with, has activated a concert agenda, including Friday at The Paper Club, at 10 pm, opening the night for Güru, the AOR -o rock band melodic if preferred-, led by Barcelona guitarist David Palau, accompanied by Dagarod (vocals), Joan Barbé (drums) and Diego Teruel (bass).

Major words in the curriculum of the grancanarians to be able to share the bill with Palau – in which Fran Alonso and Paco Santana coincide -, winner of a Latin Grammy in 2012, habitual in the tours of Sergio Dalma, Sabina, Bisbal, Miguel Bosé, Serrat, and fixed in the band of Bobby Kimball (Toto) and Bill Champlin (Chicago), as the band itself reviews.

The Hackers horizon points further, in this case to Madrid on November 16, where the Gran Canaria band has been invited to participate in the AOR Festival poster, along with formations such as 91 Suite and La Fase. An event where the authors of Start from scratch will take the opportunity to show, outside the home and before an audience that does not know them, the muscle that shows the AOR Grancanario.

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