July 30, 2021

Hackers obtained data from 29 million Facebook users – The Province

Dos hombres caminan junto a un icono de Facebook.

Asecurity breachdiscovered at the end of September inFacebookIt allowed hackers to access the personal data of some 29 million users, the network said in a statement on Friday, which reduced the number of affected people compared to the originally announced.

The largest social network in the world said that the names and personal contacts of 15 million users were exposed, as well asadditional data of another 14 million.Previously, he had spoken of 50 million accounts compromised in revealing the case on September 28.

In the total of 29 million accounts, hackers – whose identity and origin have not been revealed so far – accessed the user's name, email address and / or phone number if it was in their profile.

Butthe harvest was much more fruitful,and potentially more harmful, in the case of 14 million of them, in which in addition to the name and contacts, the hackers had access to sex, the state that indicates the type of relationship, the educational level, the date of birth, the place of residence if indicated on the page and the work performed, but also the internet pages and the people to whom the affected users follow.

In a million cases, the pirates could not access any information.

Facebook said that theFBIThe investigation continues and he has asked him not to disclose information about the case.


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