Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Hacienda returns in 48 hours about five million to 12,265 canaries - The Province

Hacienda returns in 48 hours about five million to 12,265 canaries - The Province

In the first 48 hours of theBellof thestatement of income, the Tax Agency has returned4.9 million eurosto 12,265 canaries. In the early hours of today, they had already shown up in the Islands51,294 statements, of which 47,393 have requestedreturn.

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The total forecast of declarations in the Archipelago is 865,893, of which 643,665 will be entitled to a refund, for an amount of 482 million; and 175,722 will go out to enter, for an amount of 346 million euros. The figure of taxpayers has increased 2.1% with respect to the previous year and the returns increase by 7% in relation to 2017.

By provinces, Las Palmas has in 2018 with 454,823taxpayers, to which 251 million will be returned; while Santa Cruz de Tenerife has 411,070, which will receive 230 million. Throughout the national territory, 20,350,000 declarations will be presented, 361,000 more than the previous year. It is expected that 14,314,000 will be entitled to a refund, for an estimated amount of 10,468 million euros; while about 5,161,000 will come out with results to enter, for an amount of 10,160 million.

The campaign, which started on Tuesday, has an improvement in services for the telematic presentation of the declaration: the mobile application of the Agency; the planWe will call you, for the preparation of simple statements by telephone; and the web page. These three channels allow to agile the presentation of the declaration and its returns. Since March 15, taxpayers had access to their tax information, which has made it easier for them to agree on returning returns in the first hours.

At the national level,Tributary Agencywill send messages to those taxpayers who have incomes abroad (2,170,000) and rent real estate (700,000). This year as a novelty will be sent notices 14,700 Spaniards who obtained benefits when operating with cryptocurrencies, of which about 500 are in the Islands.

The main regulations presented by the 2018 Income campaign are the exemption from maternity and paternity benefits, the deduction for child care expenses or authorized child education centers, the increase of the exempt amount of the special tax on prizes of certain lotteries, the increase in the reduction for obtaining work performance, the deduction for investment in newly or newly created companies, the increase in the exempt amount for scholarships for the study and training of researchers and the increase in the exclusion of the obligation to declare.


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