July 23, 2021

Hacienda prepares a 3% digital tax for Airbnb, Cabify or Uber | My money

Hacienda prepares a 3% digital tax for Airbnb, Cabify or Uber | My money

The Minister of Finance, María Jesús HuntsmanThis morning, the new fiscal measures of the agreement that he claims is about to close with the United States We can, like the treatment at Sicavs, or countermeasures that will offset the impact of your new tax package.

Specifically, in view of the impact that the sale of cars may have on the progressive increase in the diesel, until equating it with gasoline, the minister has announced that the Government will promote a Scrappage scheme of cars in 2020.

The objective is that citizens with "less income" can then renew the oldest vehicles to access new generation vehicles and less polluting. In an interview with Antena 3, Montero explained that the increase in the diesel tax does not respond to a collection goal but to the incentive of cleaner energies once proven the polluting potential of diesel.

Further on, Montero has advanced that seeks to return the supervision of the variable capital investment companies, the Sicav, to the Tax agency. The idea is to reverse the rule promoted by the Executive of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in 2005, when he put these signatures under the microscope of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

The idea, Montero underlined, is to increase the controls so that these societies have a productive purpose, and they do not serve to conceal assets or income to the treasury, taking advantage of their low taxation, at 1%.

The digital tax

Minutes later, in his appearance before the Senate Finance Committee, Montero recalled that his tax reform plan involves raising taxes on income and capital of high incomes, lowering the VAT on feminine hygiene products from 10% to 4%, impose a tax on financial transactions and boost a tax on digital operators.

In this field, the minister has pointed out that she will be guided by the tax reflections opened in Europe but that the Treasury focuses on the digital transport and accommodation companies.

The announcement puts the tax focus on companies like Airbnb, which allows individuals to rent a house or a room temporarily, or to firms such as Cabify or Uber, who have entered to compete in the taxi sector.

The tax, which will be 3%, will be established on sale of data of its clients, the income from advertising and the transactions commercial between these companies and individuals. The digital tax would go to the business of buying, hospitality and some transport, has detailed the minister, who added that it would affect companies with a turnover of more than 750 million euros in all the world and 3 million in Spain.

"With or without Budgets

Before that. The Finance Minister has asserted that the Government is working on approving the new fiscal path and in pushing some Budgets more social, so that families notice the economic recovery, but has stated that even if they do not manage to move forward with new public accounts, today an electoral advance is ruled out.

"With or without Budgets we will try to promote political initiatives that allow universal health, a scholarship system, reward talent, boost dependence" or strengthen Social Security, he said, although he has defended a rise in pensions linked to IPC asserting that the tax package he prepares will allow his increase to be balanced despite the warnings he has made this week IMF about the possibility of making the system unstable.

"I am pretty sure that there will be no electoral advance, except that Parliament and the Congress of Deputies do not advance, the president has a lot of work left, a lot of work ", he has defended.


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