April 20, 2021

Hacienda intervenes in central fruit markets in 13 CCAA for tax fraud

Hacienda intervenes in central fruit markets in 13 CCAA for tax fraud

Madrid, Oct 25 (EFECOM) .- The Tax Agency today launched a macro-operation on a national scale to combat tax fraud in the wholesale market of fruit and vegetables, in which it has made entries in 75 locations located in markets centers of 13 autonomous communities.

According to the Agency has reported in a statement, under the so-called Operation Carpo, inspections have been initiated to 80 taxpayers linked to the premises inspected, of which 62 were companies and 18 individuals physical partners and administrators of the companies investigated.

The Agency had indications that these companies were hiding part of their sales through the use of computer programs that manipulated real sales, suppressing or modifying the amount of a transaction.

Previous research revealed that these companies received cash payments, which are more difficult to monitor, well above the average of the wholesale fruit sector, so that sometimes it exceeded 80% of sales.

In addition, the operating margins of these companies were "significantly lower" than those of other companies in the sector, sometimes with negative results during several years.

To this is added that the economic capacity of some administrators were "incompatible" with the declared income, which influenced when selecting the objectives to be checked.

The device, in which more than 430 employees of the Agency have participated with police support, has affected 15 locations in the Valencian Community, 14 in Madrid, 11 in Galicia, 11 in Andalusia, 6 in the Canary Islands, 5 in Aragón, 3 in Murcia, 3 in Castilla y León, 2 in Asturias, 2 in Extremadura, 1 in the Balearic Islands, 1 in Cantabria and 1 in La Rioja, to which actions are combined in the Basque Country and Navarre coordinated by the Foral Haciendas.

The entries were initiated in the early morning with the personification of the Tax Inspectorate and its Computer Audit Units, in order to directly access the accounting documentation and information, as well as the computer systems.

The Carpo operation – coordinated by the Department of Financial and Tax Inspection with the participation of 299 inspection staff and the support of police and 133 Customs Surveillance officers – has a precedent in the operation White, developed in February 2016 in sales premises of fish in Mercabarna in Barcelona.

The Agency has recalled that the programs of concealment of sales, for whose detection is having great importance the citizen collaboration, will be prohibited when the new anti-fraud measures package approved by the Government comes into force.


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