Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Hacienda enters the investigation to the Messi Foundation

The State Advocate is involved in the procedure before the possible existence of tax and money laundering offenses

The State Advocacy has decided to appear in the case in which the judge of the National Court María Tardón investigates alleged tax irregularities within the Messi Foundation after the complaint lodged by a former employee of the same against the star of the Soccer Club Barcelona and his father, Jorge Horacio Messi. It was the instructor of the case herself who, at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, offered the State Legal Services her personification in the procedure on behalf of the Tax Agency before the possible existence of a damage to the treasury coffers, given that in The cause investigates the possible commission of tax crimes and money laundering after its reopening last December.

In a letter sent to Tardón last January, the prosecutor of the case, Montserrat García Díez, endorsed the claim of the defense of the Messi Foundation to remove the complainant from the procedure, Federico Rettori, not considering him injured, “taking into account the terms of the initial complaint and the documentation that he contributed to it, ”in which“ the possible commission, where appropriate, of a crime against the Public Treasury and money laundering, ”he added.

But, at the same time, the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office requested “as a diligence of instruction” the declaration of the complainant and that the instructor informed the State Advocacy “the existence of this procedure so that she can assess her personalization in the same”. Something that days later Judge Tardón did, a glove that has now been collected by the Treasury, which through the State Legal Services will already be present in the procedure. In that same resolution, to which LA REAZÓN has had access, the magistrate agreed to remove Rettori from the procedure and endorsed that his statement “can only be carried out as a witness, since at this time and state of the proceedings there are no elements to infer his condition of being harmed in the present case.” At the moment, that statement of the former employee of the Messi Foundation has no date yet.

“Mechanism to avoid paying taxes”

Rettori denounced Messi, his father and his brother Rodrigo for tax and accounting crimes, money laundering and fraud for the management of his foundation that – according to one of the writings sent to the instructor of the case – «It appears more as a mechanism to avoid paying taxes» than as an organism «destined to be socially useful». The former employee, who collaborated with the Foundation between August 2014 and June 2015, reported that Messi and his father allegedly diverted funds to a screen company, Hanns Enterprises Ltd., “registered at the same address and with the same owner as another company belonging to mr. Messi ». He also noted that although the foundation was established in 2007, it was not registered until seven years later.

Rettori maintains that its managers did not declare to the Treasury the “multi-million dollar income obtained by the agreements” signed with various companies. Likewise, he claims that the “high amounts” that the Argentine delegation of the Foundation “that have not been declared in Spain or Argentina” would have been investigated. Messi has opened another cause in his native country for documentary forgery in which the Argentine judge asked Barça for possible transfers or donations made to the player’s foundation.


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