July 25, 2021

Hacienda completes an express system to return the income tax of the maternity leave | Economy

Hacienda completes an express system to return the income tax of the maternity leave | Economy

The website of the Tax Agency published this Wednesday for a few minutes a form for taxpayers to request the return of the withholding tax in the IRPF for maternal leave. The publication of the digital form was made by mistake, according to official sources, who assured that this agency completes a mechanism to return the taxes collected from more than one million taxpayers in an agile and fast manner. They want to avoid that the offices of the Agency collapse with a barrage of claims and contemplate a telematic way to request the return.

Finance is also awaiting the interpretation made by the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) of the Supreme Court ruling, known last week, which ruled that the benefits paid by Social Security during the 16 weeks of maternity leave are exempt. The Agency has consulted whether the benefit received by the parents during the four weeks of parental leave must also be considered exempt. There are doubts because the ruling does not clarify it and the Personal Income Tax Law only talks about "public benefits for maternity".

In any case, the Treasury expects to have the return procedure ready in the shortest possible time. Do not want to hinder the return, point from the Executive. The measure could involve a cost of 1.2 billion for public coffers. And I would stop paying more than 250 million a year in IRPF for the liquidations.

Wait for it to be ready

Tax experts advise taxpayers to wait a few days until the agency in charge of collecting taxes has the refund procedure ready. The Tax Agency will have to cross their data with the Social Security to avoid that taxpayers have to collect all the information on public benefits and have to calculate the amount that they must reimburse.

To avoid fattening the bill, Social Security left on Monday to practice retention on these maternity benefits, as confirmed from the Ministry of Labor to Europa Press. Although they require that, at the moment, they are doing it manually because they will have to wait about three weeks to have the automated procedure.


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