March 5, 2021

Guterres says WHO did not try to help China “hide the reality”

UN Secretary-General António Guterres believes that although the World Health Organization (WHO) may have made mistakes at the start of the pandemic, it did not try to help China “hide the reality” and tried to have a good relationship with the Asian country to make sure it cooperated.

This is indicated by Guterres in an interview published today by El País, in which he is convinced that, at some point, the origin of the pandemic will have to be investigated, how it could spread so quickly and how the WHO, the countries and other entities they responded.

“But what I can say is that I know the people at WHO and they are not controlled by any country. They always act in good faith and to get the best possible cooperation from Member States. Mistakes may have been made, but I do not think that WHO has tried to help China hide the reality. I think the organization wanted to have a good relationship with China at the start of the pandemic. They wanted to make sure China cooperated, “he stresses.

In the interview, the UN secretary general highlights that “the relationship between the US, China and Russia is more dysfunctional than ever” and gives the EU a vital role in avoiding a world order dominated by Washington and Beijing.

“We need global leadership, because otherwise we cannot respond effectively to challenges like those of a pandemic. But unfortunately, where there is power, there is no leadership, and where there is leadership, there is a lack of power.”


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