Guirao warns that the SGAE is on "a path to the abyss" | Culture

Guirao warns that the SGAE is on "a path to the abyss" | Culture

The Minister of Culture and Sports, José Guirao, has warned on Monday that the situation of the General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE) it is "a path to the abyss" and he has reiterated that his department "will do everything he can to enforce the law." Among the possible measures, is that the ministry urges the judiciary to intervene, an option that "would love to save it." The SGAE celebrates elections on Friday to renew its board of directors with the controversy over the withdrawal of some candidates who have accused the current president, José Miguel Fernández Sastrón, of not guaranteeing a fully democratic and transparent process.

"All this is happening against the SGAE and the creators and it would be good if there was a bit of peace, agreements, debates and compliance with the law," said the minister in the Senate, when asked by the PP senator María José de Alba during his appearance for the situation of this entity. "The ideal thing would be for them to reach agreements within their bodies, but I see it difficult and I deeply regret it: the State does laws to defend copyright," he added.

Guirao has also talked about the papers of Salamanca, archives on the Civil War that the Generalitat of Catalonia claims. In this case, he recalled that there will be a commission in November in which "all the cases will be seen, both the outbound and the return", in reference to the fact that they can travel in both directions, both to Catalonia and to Salamanca. In addition, it has clarified that there is a part of the documents that will not be addressed in that commission because they have arisen after the 2005 law that addressed this issue.

Another recurrent issue in Spanish culture is whether the Guernica You can move to the Basque Country for your exhibition. The picture "is sick and can not travel", has answered the question of the PNV senator Nerea Ahedo. "While I am Minister of Culture, the Guernica will not go to the Basque Country. I come from that, "he said in reference to his past as director of the Reina Sofia Museum." Why do you have to go to the Basque Country? The painting was commissioned by the Spanish Republic for the Spanish pavilion [en la exposición internacional de 1937 de París]. Picasso, in his creative freedom put the name he thought appropriate, but is a work of universal symbolism against war. "He also highlighted the study that was done in his day with 35 international experts who concluded that the work He could not move. "For the evils of Guernica no solution has been found to move it. "

Judgment by a 'pissarro'

Guirao has assured that the Government will have "absolute respect to the legality and the judicial resolution" that comes from the American court that will decide on the property of a painting of Camille Pissarro supposedly spoiled by the Nazis, that belongs to the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection, but claim the heirs of the Jewish Lilly Cassirer. The trial will be next December 4. Guirao has indicated that it is "a reopened case" and the Thyssen Foundation and the State "will continue to defend the legitimacy of their work." "In accordance with international agreements, Spain has replenished many cultural assets to other countries in recent years, so the commitment to fight against illicit cases of cultural property is total," he asserted. Guirao, in response to the senator of the Mixed Group Jon Iñarritu, has insisted that both Baron Thyssen and the State at the time acquired it "in good faith and they have never hidden it".

Regarding bullfighting, he recalled that, despite being in the defense of animals as a "private citizen," his position as a minister is to seek "consensus" for the traditions. These "neither are created nor removed by decree and the fighting bulls have connotations of economic type and the maintenance of the environment that makes everything very complicated".

He also talked about the future patronage law, which will try to have a draft within a year, while regarding the application of the VAT deduction from cinema to tickets has described as "successful" the measure . "In September we were already at 87% compliance and it had not been applied in small cities and towns."


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