Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Guirao announces that the facilities of the Spanish monuments will be reviewed

Guirao announces that the facilities of the Spanish monuments will be reviewed

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The Minister of Culture and Sports, José Guirao, has announced that a review of the facilities of the major Spanish monuments will be launched as, although they are generally safe, the fire of the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris It has been an "alert".

Speaking to RNE, the minister has indicated that "As a result of this will be raised by the autonomies and the Ministry of Culture review this issue; it is an obvious consequence. "

According to the Minister of Culture, the Spanish cathedrals "in theory" are properly protected and, although he has explained that "one hundred percent security does not exist for monuments or anything," there are preventive policies "that try to prevent such tragedies from happening".

"The dangerous thing is the old electrical installations, that it is necessary to review, but when there is a work of restoration it is necessary to extreme the cares because an oversight of someone can cause a tragedy", has said Guirao, although it has qualified that the causes of the Notre Dame fire.

The minister explained that he will contact this Tuesday with his French counterpart to be at his disposal and offer him "whatever they need", and has indicated that the reconstruction of Notre Dame is up to all Europeans for its symbolic value for the union of Europe and for European culture.

"At an economic level, the French have plenty of resources to do it, but the basic issue is not the economy, it is a symbol of the European Union, of art, of European culture and we all have to be with the French," he stressed. the minister.

Guirao has stressed that the fire of Notre Dame "is a tragedy and a catastrophe" because the cathedral gathered "all the elements that make a monument something extraordinary and universal". Efe


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