Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

Guilty and interested inopias

It is very unusual and what President Zapatero did yesterday when he recognized that a bubble in renewable energies was generated in his mandate. His great mistake, as a true beginner, was to establish the aid based on something as foreign and strange as the date of the start of operation of the facilities and not according to the real needs of the system. Investors worked hard to get there in time to get the premiums, without worrying about the utility and general convenience of their investment. But it would have been better than, in view of the broken one that took place – some 30,000 million euros, the decision that adopted had some additional consequence to its mere recognition. He lost the elections, but I talked about something else … personal. Naive that is one.

Then, perhaps exhausted by the effort, he said other things, already incomprehensible: "Spain has a tendency to generate bubbles." No, Mr. Zapatero, Spain has no tendency to generate any of that, its leaders have an annoying tendency to misunderstand the functioning of supply and demand and those who show another excessive and negative tendency to intervene in the market, Assume that they are able to allocate resources more effectively.

Another pearl: "It would not happen what happens in Venezuela if it were not the country with the largest oil reserves in the world." Please. Do the things that happen today in Venezuela happen in all the countries that have large reserves of crude oil? The reserves have been there for millions of years and they have known each other since before the Chavistas arrived. Why did not the same thing happen then? This surprising interpretation of the Venezuelan drama can only be explained from the most closed madness or from the most open servility. How is it possible for an ex-president of the government to say such things? To which interests do these statements respond, are they general or simply personal? He says he knows the country well. Without a doubt it is thus, but it is evident that he is mistaken in the analysis and grants an undeserved excuse to his boss, the tyrant Nicolás Maduro.

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