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On March 1, 2021, the energy efficiency label changed in the European Union. In this way, the modality that included A +, A ++ and A +++ disappeared. Thus, the scale is from A to G, as one of the great novelties.

With this, the appliances that previously had the A +++ go to B. Thus, the A is the most efficient. There are only seven classes left, so dark green is the most efficient (A), and red is the lowest. In principle, the first category will be empty.

In the rest of the label you can see a QR code for more information on the appliance, as well as a calculation of what the appliance consumes on average. Below, there are other parameters such as noise and / or the volume or capacity of the appliance.

At the moment, the new labeling is available for dishwashers, washing machines, washer dryers, refrigerators, displays and monitors. To September will enter the light bulbs And in the lamps. Finally, it is expected that the same will be done in 2022 with the dryers and air conditioners.

What has changed with the old label?

In the old one there were also seven classes, although in the new one the A plus the pluses have disappeared. These classes were based on energy, programs and load, whereas the modern one does with the energy and program.

In the pictograms that appeared below was the annual water consumption in 220 cycles and not by program as now; The lower load capacity in the 60º to 40º program, the efficiency, the noise were also pointed out.

Regarding the annual energy consumption, it was done taking into account the 220 load washing cycles; at present it is done with the weighted consumption of kWh / 100 cycles of operation.

Also, it must be taken into account that the efficiency classes are lower in the new products due to the stricter limits that exist.

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