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Guide to prepare for 'Game of thrones': 15 chapters to see again | TV

Guide to prepare for 'Game of thrones': 15 chapters to see again | TV

The countdown to the premiere of the new season of Game of Thrones has already started. It's only a month before the premiere of the last batch of episodes, six chapters that will have an extra-long duration with deliveries of between 60 and 80 minutes. The expectation is logical in the case of one of the most popular series in history whose end will undoubtedly be one of the television events of the year.

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To arrive ready for that moment, we propose a basic guide to refresh the key moments of what we have as standard. It is a list for those who have already seen the seven seasons. Who has not seen it, only has 30 days to see the 67 episodes we have left behind. It is possible, but it supposes to have hardly any life beyond. This is a selection of 15 episodes in which occurred some of the most important or shocking events seen so far in the series. Because in Game of Thrones There have been momentazos but also many episodes that were a journey through the desert, especially in the first seasons. A warning for those who are still halfway through the series: this article contains spoilers.

Where to see Game of Thrones? Although the last season will be seen in Movistar + and HBO Spain simultaneously to the United States, to recover the past deliveries you have to go to HBO Spain, the only platform where the whole series is complete.

- Season 1. Chapter 1 - Winter is coming

The beginning of everything. Seeing this episode again makes you aware of how different it has ended up being Game of Thrones Regarding how it started, and not only for the characters that are no longer there, also in budget and finish. The series started with unknown men who crossed Beyond the Wall and met dead bodies in a kind of sacrifice. In this boot we already see living dead, severed heads and lots of snow. This chapter is also the last time we found the Stark as a happy family. In addition, we meet Daenerys and Khal Drogo, and the Lannister: Cersei, Tyrion and Jaime with that Prince Charming style of Shrek. Together with Bran, the spectators also discovered then that Jaime and Cersei are brothers ... and lovers.

- Season 1. Chapter 9 - Baelor

Those of us who had not read the books got the first big surprise in this episode when we saw Ned Stark's head rolling. But if he was the protagonist, he can not die! King Joffrey did not follow the advice of his mother Cersei nor hear the prayers of his fiancée Sansa and pronounced sentence. Beyond the shocking end of the episode, it is also interesting to see this episode because you start to see how another great moment is forged a couple of seasons later, the Red Wedding, or the evolution of the Khaleesi from the first chapter of the season up to this point.

- Season 2. Chapter 9 - Blackwater

In the last season we will see the Battle of Winterfell, which is raising a great expectation because it is announced as the largest contest ever filmed for film or television, recorded for 55 consecutive nights and will last about 50 minutes on the screen. Without reaching that point, in the series we have already seen several great fights and in this chapter is the first, the Battle of Aguasnegras. They faced two of the claimants to the Iron Throne, Joffrey and Stannis Baratheon, in a battle that took place at the gates of King's Landing and that showed the strategic abilities of Tyrion in organizing the defense of the city and the use of fire. valyrio. In addition, this chapter gave us one of the great gifs of the series, Cersei's cup in hand asking for "more wine". A philosophy of life.

- Season 3. Chapter 3 - The path of punishment

The third installment is much better than the second and, in addition, has great moments. In the third chapter, Jon is already with the savages, Sam meets Gilly, who gives birth in this episode, we meet Ramsay Bolton, who will be one of the great villains of the series, Daenerys is already in the Bay of Slaves and in this season also Jaime happens to fall fatally to be much more sympathetic with his relationship with Brienne. The Boltons take prisoners and, after trying to escape and dialogue with their captors, Jaime ends up with one hand less in another shocking final episode.

- Season 3. Chapter 9 - The Castamere rains

One of the most memorable episodes of the series is that of the carnage that was the Red Wedding and that still makes your hair stand on end. A handful of protagonists die in a trap due to a pact of the Lannister and Walder Frey to kill Robb Stark, his pregnant wife and his mother in a massacre that leaves the Stark in an unfortunate situation. "The Lannister send memories." No need to say more.

- Season 4. Chapter 2 - The lion and the rose

Since we have seen many Stark die, we must also remember one of the most applauded and most satisfying deaths for the spectator, that of Joffrey Baratheon. It was in this chapter, in which the wedding of Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell is celebrated. Joffrey dies during the poisoned celebration after drinking a glass of wine that Tyrion gives him and that's why Cersei thinks he was responsible, when in reality it was Olenna Tyrell, Margaery's grandmother, as she herself confesses to Jaime later in another great moment of the series.

- Season 4. Chapter 10 - Children

In the fourth season many important people die: Ygritte, Oberyn Martell, Joffrey ... And in the last chapter, Tyrion kills with his own hands Shae, the prostitute that he was in love with, after she betrayed him in his trial , and also kills his father by shooting him with a crossbow while sitting on the toilet. Also, in this chapter Bran, who travels with Hodor and the Reed brothers, meets the Three-Eyed Raven, Brienne leaves the dog badly wounded, traveling with Arya, and the girl Stark sets sail for Braavos, where she will be during a good part of the next season.

- Season 5. Chapter 8 - Austera House

Another battle of the series is lived in the last 20 minutes of this chapter, a confrontation between the army of the White Walkers and the savages helped by the group of the Night Watch with Jon Snow in front. As they explained at the time, they were some sequences that cost a month to record and that had a lot of post-production work and visual effects. Jon manages to escape, but this battle shows the real threat of the King of the Night, the greatest danger to the houses of Westeros.

- Season 5. Chapter 10 - Mercy

Although the ninth chapter had one of the most shocking moments of the season, with the shocking sacrifice in the fire of the daughter of Stannis, for the impact that had the end of season we are left with this episode in which they spend a lot of things : from the death of Stannis to the flight of Sansa and Theon, the poisoning of Myrcella (daughter of Cersei and Jaime) or the spectacular walk of the shame of Cersei. But everything is put aside when we see how Olly and other companions of the Night's Watch kill Jon Snow for what they saw as a betrayal by allying with the savages. That moment left us the viewers with a thousand theories about what had happened and if Jon was dead or alive.

- Season 6. Chapter 5 - The gate

Whoever wants to see Jon Snow resuscitate, has to go to the end of the second chapter of the sixth season. But here we are going to jump directly to the fifth episode to "hold the gate", how they translated in Spanish the "hold the door" that broke our hearts The story of Hodor is explained in this chapter at the same moment in which we see how he dies by saving Bran, who had left him speechless by a temporary loop caused as a result of his gift.

- Season 6. Chapter 9 - The battle of the bastards

One of the best episodes of the series (and the history of television) is the one that shows the confrontation between the bastards Jon and Ramsay, a battle with heaps of dead. In fact, with literal mountains of the dead. The fight is lived from the point of view of an enraged Jon who sees how Ramsay kills the Stark boy, Rickon, when he almost has it in his hands. The episode also ends up giving Ramsay his due and also has dragons throwing flares in another part of Westeros. You can not ask for more.

- Season 6. Chapter 10 - Winter winds

Revenge is served on a cold plate, and Cersei's is also terrible. The first 20 minutes of the final chapter of the season show that revenge of the queen that takes ahead to all who catch by means of flying the Septo. After that, Tommen, his last living son, commits suicide. Also, in a flashback who sees Bran, we know the real origin of Jon, who in this chapter proclaim King of the North.

- Season 7. Chapter 4 - War booties

The seventh season has been the shortest so far, with only seven episodes, but they gave a lot of themselves, with the action accelerated by the proximity of the end. It is very complicated to stay alone with a single chapter. But if there is no time to take it all, we propose going directly to the fourth episode and skipping the game in the third episode of Jon and Daenerys. In the fourth chapter, Arya returns to Winterfell and the surviving Stark brothers meet again. In addition, Jaime knows the dragoons in a battle in which the army of the Lannister faced the Dothrakis. But, who has the dragons, has an advantage, and that happens here. Before giving up, Jaime tries to kill Daenerys by surprising her in the back, which makes him almost die burned by Drogon and then drowned.

- Season 7. Chapter 6 - Beyond the Wall

Perhaps it is not the chapter with more fans of the series, but the excursion Beyond the Wall in search of a dead person to take to Cersei has very important consequences. The army of zombies surrounds these explorers with Jon at the front on an excursion from which they have to be saved by Daenerys on the back of a dragon while another of the dragons is wounded by the King of the Night and transformed into a zombie. With Jon hurt in bed and Daenerys mourning the loss, they seal their alliance.

- Season 7. Chapter 7 - The dragon and the wolf

We finish this tour with the last chapter so far, which showed the largest meeting of main characters seen so far. They are in Dragon Well to try to agree a truce in order to unite against the threat coming from the north in the form of White Walkers. In addition, this episode shows how Arya and Sansa had allied to finish with Meñique and also reveals that Jon's parents were secretly married, so he is the rightful heir of the Iron Throne, as well as Daenerys' nephew . At the same time we discovered this, we see how Jon sleeps with Daenerys. In addition, the army of White Walkers reaches the Wall and destroys it with the dragon of Daenerys in front. Death and destruction is already here.


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