August 5, 2021

Guide to become invisible in the Orwell era (without going through Hogwarts) | Innovation

Guide to become invisible in the Orwell era (without going through Hogwarts) | Innovation

Do you feel observed? Normal. Modern public spaces increasingly resemble the forest of Snow White. Hundreds of watchful eyes watch you from the shadows. And if you are in China, they recognize you even by your way of walking. The good thing about Snow White is that at dawn, the owners of the eyes turned out to be innocent little animals. The trouble with the real world is that the cameras are already set by anyone, and they will not necessarily ask you before stay with your face.

So did Taylor Swift at the concert he gave last May in Los Angeles. The camera that registered the faces of the spectators to compare them with those of the known stalkers of the singer raised blisters all over the internet.

Exercising your legitimate right to preserve your image is not as easy as it seems with the asphalt jungle full of camera. Harry Potter would solve it with his invisibility cloak. You not only did not receive the invitation to Hogwarts, you are also condemned to appear before the camera. But you can camouflage yourself to confuse your sensors.

  • To disappear you have to suffer

The proposal of CV Dazzle (Computer Vision Dazzle) Makeup and hairdressing strip. With the kit open-source that they are developing you will be able to block the recognition of your face for multiple algorithms of detection of last generation. The problem is that you will look like a damn.

In general, facial recognition is based on geometric patterns such as the distance between the eyes or the location of the tip of the nose. It also takes into consideration the particularities of our skin: wrinkles, pores, moles and scars. In this way, the counterattack demands to deform to the unrecognizable the canvas we have on our face. Impossible fringes, makeup with non-cutaneous textures, unexpected colors … With CV Dazzle you will avoid the indiscreet look of the cameras but you will be the center of attention of the rest of the passers-by.

Looks 'invisible'

Do you think it's excessive? In addition to this gallery between futurist and carnavalera, Adam Harvey, promoter of the project, offers some tips of style to "recover your privacy".

  1. Makeup. "Avoid enhancers, they amplify your facial features, which makes it easier to detect." As an alternative, suggest using makeup tones that contrast with the tone of our skin and apply them in unusual directions.
  2. Bridge of the nose. "It partially obscures that area, the region where the eyes and forehead are cut off is a key feature."
  3. Eyes. "Partially darkens one of the eye regions." In short, become one-eyed.
  4. More expensive. "Avoid using them, as they are illegal in some cities." As plan B, Harvey proposes to compose something similar with a mixture of hairstyles, makeup and accessories.
  5. Head. If you disguise the unmistakable rounded shape of your human head, you will make it more difficult for the detector.
  6. Asymmetry. "Facial recognition algorithms expect symmetry between the right and left sides of the face." Break that harmony to break their schemes.

More simple is the option to renew your clothes. In 2013, the Danish designer Simone C. Niquille invented a T-shirt to confuse algorithms like the one Facebook uses to automatically recognize those who appear in your photos. His recipe? The excess of faces. Yours will see it, but you will have to reason what you do there with Barack Obama and Michael Jackson.

More recent and sophisticated is the proposal of the two Dutch people who make up the Kovr Project. March Shagen and Leon Baaw have created two coats and a backpack designed not only to hide you, but also your devices.

Their "digital invisibility cloaks" are made with multiple layers of metallic fabrics that create a Faraday cage ready-to-wear to block any outgoing or incoming signals. To lock the cameras, incorporates a simple hood. And for the moments when we need to be visible, it has a 100% unprotected pocket. "We believe in being able to choose when we are identifiable, in which people regain control of their privacy and their data," they explain.

The least invasive form of camouflage for your wardrobe is perhaps in the Reflectacles. The lenses of these sunglasses are made to reflect both visible and infrared light, so that your face becomes a bright spotlight in front of the camera lens. "If you want to unlock your iPhone X with facial recognition you will have to remove the reflectacles first, Ghost technology will block the face mapping in the dark and in the light of day."

If what worries you are the screens, they require different adhesive filters to block uninvited looks on mobile phones and laptops. You will see just as well, whoever is above your shoulder will see a blackish screen, almost extinguished. Shopping passes? You can isolate yourself from the human and digital gadgets by tegiendo your own sock for computers. Its creator, Becky Stern, sees it more as a sculpture than as a useful piece, but you will know.


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