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Guide for the autumn seriéfilo 2019 (I): 21 news to keep track of | Television

Believe me

What the difference from the rest: The journalistic research on which it is based won the Pulitzer Prize. The case he focuses on can remove consciousness. In addition, the female cast is more than powerful. And the reviews are being excellent.

What's it about: After denouncing that she has suffered a violation in her own home, Marie ends up withdrawing the complaint after seeing how her environment turns her back and after the pressure of the police, who distrusts her testimony. The media put it in the pillory. But later he discovered the mistake that had been made in his case.

When and where to see it: From this Friday it is available on Netflix.


What the difference from the rest: An animation series for adults with science fiction and drama dyes with Rosa Salazar and Bob Odenkirk as protagonists and created by two of those responsible for the praise BoJack Horseman.

What's it about: After suffering a car accident, a young woman begins to see visions of her deceased father and experience a different relationship with time and space, with which she intends to travel to the past to change what has happened.

When and where to see it: As of Friday, it is available on Amazon Prime Video.

To Confession

What the difference from the rest: British drama produced by the ITV channel starring Martin Freeman that is based on a real case. British television usually gives a good finish to police dramas.

What's it about: Detective Steve Fulcher investigates the case of a 22-year-old woman who disappears in 2011 after leaving a disco for her boyfriend's house. Fulcher firmly believes that the woman is still alive and will end up finding links with another disappearance.

When and where to see it: In the United Kingdom it is already broadcast. In Spain no chain has announced it yet.

The capture

What the difference from the rest: BBC television drama with an interesting starting point that has received good reviews on its start and that aims to engage as last year did Bodyguard by these dates.

What's it about: The story starts with the arrest of an innocent man in what appears to be a conspiracy. Thanks to false evidence, he is released after being convicted of a crime in Afghanistan. But the case will reopen a few years later.

When and where to see it: BBC is already broadcasting it. In Spain it has no chain announced yet.


What the difference from the rest: Four countries, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain, share the 12 chapters of this series that tells 12 different stories all located in an interrogation room. Big names appear in front and behind the camera. The Spanish episodes are directed by Mariano Barroso and have Carmen Machi, Inma Cuesta, Eduard Fernández, Emma Suárez or Álvaro Cervantes in their cast.

What's it about: You cannot reveal much of the argument so as not to spoil surprises. Each episode presents a different case with different suspects and the same pair of police.

When and where to see it: September 20 on Netflix.


What the difference from the rest: Cobie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother) stars in this story that adds to the current stream of comic-based series. The challenge is to give a twist to the trend, something that seems to be achieved here precisely with its protagonist.

What's it about: Dex Parios is an army veteran who works as a private detective in Portland while trying to combine her chaotic personal life and profession. However, its way of being will place it far from the Police.

When and where to see it: It opens on September 26 at HBO Spain.


What the difference from the rest: This is the new creation of screenwriters Robert and Michelle King, creators of The Good Wife Y The good fight. Only with that deserves all our attention. From the argument, it seems that he will be quite far from the dramas of lawyers mentioned above.

What's it about: A psychologist and a priest have to investigate strange phenomena related to the Catholic Church with the help of a skeptical contractor in this supernatural drama with the fight of good against evil in the background.

When and where to see it: CBS premieres on September 26. In Spain no chain or platform has announced it yet.

The Politician

What the difference from the rest: The new creation of Ryan Murphy directs his gaze to the world of politics and the falsehood that is cooked in his back room. For this satire he has had Ben Platt as the protagonist and with big names like those of Jessica lange (a regular in his television universe) and Gwyneth Paltrow.

What's it about: Payton Hobart is a student whose obsession is to become president of the United States. To do this, you first have to overcome the obstacles that the political landscape of your own institute puts you while trying to be elected President of the Student Council, a good training for what awaits you in the future.

When and where See it: Friday, September 27 on Netflix.

Harlem's godfather

What the difference from the rest: A fiction based on real events set in the Harlem of the sixties, one of the most turbulent moments in the recent history of the United States. The city's low funds and the civil rights movement are in the background of the plot.

What's it about: The story focuses on Bumpy Johnson, crime boss who returned to his neighborhood after ten years in prison. To try to regain control of the place, he will have to face the Genovese family, for which he allies with the radical preacher Malcolm X.

When and where to see it: It starts on September 30 at HBO Spain.

Catherine the Great

What the difference from the rest: The Oscar-winning Helen Mirren is the protagonist of this four-chapter miniseries with airs of blockbuster that for the recreation of the greatness of the eighteenth-century Russian court has shot in locations that include palaces in Latvia and Lithuania.

What's it about: Your title says it all. The story follows the last years of the 34 that lasted the reign of Catherine the Great, at which time Russia was one of the great powers of Europe. Luxury, ambition, political struggle and political conspiracies.

When and where to see it: In Sky on October 3.


What the difference from the rest: It is not the only series with superheroes on this list, but the first one starring a homosexual superhero, who will have the face of Ruby Rose, who identifies herself as a fluid genre.

What's it about: After Batman's disappearance, chaos reigns in Gotham. Then a military private security body founded by Jacob Kane comes into action. After years of survival training, his daughter Kate Kane returns to try to help him and his security company.

When and where to see it: It opens on Monday, October 7 at HBO Spain.


What the difference from the rest: Fiction production of Facebook Watch starring Jessica Biel. The story is based on a disturbing podcast fiction of 2015 and mix the podcasting with the paranormal.

What's it about: Lia Haddock is an American radio broadcaster and reporter investigating the mysterious disappearance of 300 inhabitants of a scientific community in a city in Tennessee. Soon Lia will be too linked to the few survivors.

When and where to see it: On October 16, it opens on Facebook.

Living with yourself

What the difference from the rest: Paul Rudd is the protagonist by multiple games of this comedy in which the protagonist will discover that he has a clone. An interesting and risky starting point that can lead to something interesting and fun or a catastrophe.

What's it about: Miles is a man who is not going through his best moment, so he decides to undergo a treatment that promises to help him improve. But you will discover that this has meant that it is replaced by an improved version of itself.

When and where to see it: On Netflix, on October 18.

Guide for autumn seriéfilo 2019 (I): 21 news to keep track of

Modern love

What the difference from the rest: Judging by his trailer, he promises high doses of romanticism and liters of syrup. Each chapter is an independent story. And its distribution is of vertigo: from Anne Hathaway to Tina Fey, John Slattery, Cristin Milioti or Julia Garner. John Carney (Eleven) is your maximum responsible. Also, Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe) and Emmy Rossum (Shameless) have directed some of their chapters.

What's it about: Free adaptation of some of the stories that have been told in the column Modern love from The New York Times and that reflect love from different perspectives.

When and where to see it: Amazon Prime Video premieres on October 18.


What the difference from the rest: Damon Lindelof (Lost, The Leftovers) He is responsible for the production that adapts the universe of one of the most applauded comics in history. And it does it backed by the HBO brand. Among the protagonists, Regina King, Don Johnson or Jeremy Irons.

What's it about: The story is set in an alternative world in which superheroes are treated as outlaws. He will take the original material of Alan Moore and make his own interpretation as a sequel to that peculiar story of superheroes replacing in this case the Cold War environment and the nuclear threat with white supremacism.

When and where to see it: It will begin on October 21 at HBO Spain.


What the difference from the rest: A priori, it does not have many differences from the rest of DC series that expand the Batman universe. In fact, those responsible were also behind Gotham, which looked at the origins of Batman himself. However, the first criticisms in US media have been quite favorable.

What's it about: Before becoming Batman's butler, Alfred Pennyworth was a former British Army Special Forces Air Force who founded a security company in the London of the 1960s. Thus he came into contact with a young billionaire, Thomas Wayne.

When and where to see it: October 25 on Starzplay.

Mrs. Fletcher

What the difference from the rest: If your protagonist is Kathryn Hahn, she already deserves our attention. In addition, the story is based on the latest novel by Tom Perrotta, author of the book on which it was based The Letfovers. Nothing more to add.

What's it about: A single mother and her son have to adapt to their new life after he leaves to study at the university. She will launch to explore worlds like porn or relationships with men younger than her in a liberation in which little by little she feels more and more comfortable.

When and where to see it: It starts on October 28 at HBO Spain.

World on fire

What the difference from the rest: Period drama set in World War II that has among its protagonists Helen Hunt and Sean Bean. The BBC firm is behind. The trailer indicates that it will be a spectacular production that will mix drama and the action of war.

What's it about: The story follows the daily lives of ordinary people from Britain, Poland, France, Germany and the United States while the world is in the middle of World War II.

When and where to see it: In October it will premiere on BBC. In Spain it will be seen in Movistar (no date yet).

The morning show

What the difference from the rest: It is possibly the most relevant series with which the Apple TV + platform is presented to the world and one of the ones that cost them the most money. Jennifer Anniston returns to television after Friends in a leading role accompanied by Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell.

What's it about: The star presenter of a morning television program will have to adapt to a new employment situation after her co-presenter is fired for allegations of sexual harassment. The chain decides to put next to another woman with whom it does not seem to make very good crumbs of entry.

When and where to see it: On November 1, it opens with another handful of own productions on Apple TV +.

Dark matter

What the difference from the rest: It is based on the award-winning homonymous trilogy written by Philip Pullman, considered a modern masterpiece of fantasy fiction. This co-production of HBO and BBC is starring Spanish-born Dafne Keen and has Ruth Wilson, Lin-Manuel Miranda and James McAvoy in its cast.

What's it about: Lyra is a seemingly normal but very brave young orphan who comes from another world that will be immersed in a plot involving stolen children and a mysterious phenomenon called Dust.

When and where to see it: Premiere at HBO Spain on November 5.

The Witcher

What the difference from the rest: I used to be on the lists of candidates to be the "new Game of Thrones"Based on some very popular books and video games, it has ensured a great following among fans of the fantastic. In addition, it has Henry Cavill as the protagonist.

What's it about: Geralt de Rivia is a lonely monster hunter who struggles to find his place in the world. Together with a sorceress and a young princess, they will have to learn to move in a world in which men are the worst enemies of men.

When and where to see it: Netflix will release it sometime this fall, but has not yet announced the date.

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