Guatemala's ombudsman laments Morales' "indifference" to the migrant crisis

Guatemala's ombudsman laments Morales' "indifference" to the migrant crisis

The Human Rights Ombudsman of Guatemala, Jordán Rodas, today lamented the attitude of "indifference" and "little solidarity" of the president, Jimmy Morales, with the Honduran and Salvadoran migrants who traveled through Guatemalan territory in the caravans of October and November.

In the presentation of the report "Actions of the Human Rights Ombudsman before the transit of Honduran and Salvadoran migrants, October and November 2018," Rodas said that both Morales and Foreign Minister Sandra Jovel "closed their eyes to the reality of migrants.

He said that in Guatemala "sometimes you think with a security mentality of the 70s or 80s", which contrasts with "reality", because "migration is not a security problem".

He criticized the lack of "humanitarian approach" to migrant caravans, which is a "pending issue", because "it seems that the competent authorities did not have that empathy."

Those responsible for ensuring migration in Guatemala "were totally insensitive to this human drama", whose result, he insisted, is "the result of historical oblivion, corruption, poverty, exclusion, which forces the Central American brothers to it forces to migrate ".

Rodas also regretted that the president and the foreign minister "do not say anything" about the death of the 7-year-old migrant Jakelin Caal, who died in the custody of the Border Patrol on December 8.

"The death reflects a drama of Guatemalans seeking a better life due to the inability of the State to provide comprehensive development conditions, but it seems that (Morales and Jovel) that does not interest them."

For its part, Deputy Prosecutor I, Miriam Roquel, highlighted the findings of the report "demonstrated" that the Directorate General of Migration lacks "processes to formulate regulations" migratory and there is no "education strategy on the matter."

He also warned that Guatemala does not have "adequate conditions" for a "contingency plan", beyond those that exist for those affected by natural disasters, he said.

Therefore, he added, migrants are in "vulnerability", because "the Government disregards acquired commitments and humanitarian aid nationally and internationally."

Roquel concluded that the flow of people had "adverse conditions", passing a "serious risk" of their "integrity".

Since mid-October, thousands of Central Americans, especially from Honduras and El Salvador, have started several caravans of migrants who have arrived at the border of Mexico with the United States, a country in which they hope to apply for asylum.


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