May 18, 2021

Guatemalan prosecutor exchanges experiences in Austria and Italy

Guatemalan prosecutor exchanges experiences in Austria and Italy

The Attorney General of Guatemala and Head of the Public Ministry, María Consuelo Porras, participated in a series of meetings in Austria and Italy in which she exchanged experiences to continue the fight against impunity.

The Public Ministry said today, in a statement, that as part of an official commission Porras participated in a series of technical meetings from 12 to 25 November in the two European countries.

The objective of the meetings was "to exchange experiences, for which he held bilateral meetings with different officials".

During the week of 12 to 16 November, the second part of the continuation of the ninth session of the United Nations Implementation Review Group against Corruption (UNCAC), as well as the seventh session, was held in Vienna, Austria. Conference of the States Parties.

In this activity, Guatemala, which holds the Presidency for the period 2018-2019, led the debates and ensured the implementation of the Conference's regulations.

On November 15, the prosecutor met with the Executive Director of the Office against Drugs and Crime of the United Nations (UNODC), Yuri Fedotov, in order to demonstrate the commitment of the Public Prosecutor of Guatemala in the fight against corruption .

Also discussed were issues of strengthening criminal investigation and cooperation of criminal justice, cybercrime and anti-money laundering; crime prevention and criminal justice, among others.

Porras also had a bilateral meeting with Judge Federico Cafiero de Raho, National Antimafia and Antiterrorism Prosecutor of Italy, in which the substitute Attorneys from the different regions of Italy participated.

During the meeting, experiences were shared regarding the regulations, structure, function and objectives of the management; normative about effective collaborator of the justice; confiscation of patrimonial assets to organized crime and its use for public and social purposes; as well as the fight against drug trafficking and youth gangs.

In the end, both agreed to resume the project of collaboration agreement between both institutions, for which the National Antimafia and Antiterrorism Directorate will prepare a project and send it through the Guatemalan Embassy accredited in Italy.

With this, explained the Office of the Prosecutor, it reiterates the commitment to work for institutional strengthening, which allows to provide a better service to all and all Guatemalans.

The Guatemalan prosecutor also participated in the "Experiences Exchange Mission between Italy and Central America: Juvenile Criminal Justice System in Italy: Reality and Challenges", which took place in the Italian cities of Rome, Naples and Turin.

The objective was to contribute to the strengthening of key institutions in the management of comprehensive care programs for minors and young people in conflict with the criminal law and to facilitate the exchange of experiences between Italian and Central American justice operators.


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