Guatemalan police transport 62 Honduran migrants back to their country

Guatemalan police transport 62 Honduran migrants back to their country

The National Civil Police (PNC) began early today with the transfer of 62 Honduran citizens who were on the border of Tecún Umán, from Guatemala to Mexico, to Honduras.

At 1.22 local time (07.22 GMT), the security forces told the national media that the Hondurans requested to return to their country.

Of the migrants transferred, 18 go on board "of a Coaster-type minibus belonging to the General Subdirectorate for the Analysis of Anti-narcotics Information", while 44 go inside a bus assigned to the National Civil Police Academy, held at dawn the public entity

In the morning hours, the police indicated that they had arrived in Mazatenango, the capital of the south-western department of Suchitepéquez, where people "took a short break in the 33rd Precinct and made use of the health services to continue with the return to the country" .

At 8:10 local time (14.10 GMT) the group arrived in Chiquimula, in eastern Guatemala, which is about 240 kilometers from the city of San Pedro Sula, from where the first caravan of Hondurans left a week ago.

After six days of traveling on foot and hitchhiking, the caravan of migrants, made up of some 3,000 people according to the United Nations, Hondurans arrived on Friday to Mexico, after ridding the barrier that had been mediated by the Guatemalan Government.

After a first moment of euphoria, the migrants were contained by the Mexican Federal Police, which triggered moments of tension.

US President Donald Trump threatened this week with a military closure of the southern border of his country if Mexico could not stop the caravan.


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