Guatemalan party protects itself before Constitutional to register ex-prosecutor

Guatemalan party protects itself before Constitutional to register ex-prosecutor

The party Semilla Movement, which proclaimed ex-General Thelma Aldana as a candidate for the Presidency of Guatemala, filed an appeal on Saturday before the Constitutional Court to get its candidate to be registered in the elections to be held on June 16.

According to the general secretary of the party and district candidate to Congress, Samuel Pérez, the arguments of the appeal for the Constitutional Court, the highest court in the country, correct the flat to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and register Aldana as a presidential candidate is based on the Electoral entity "made mistakes" and "yielded to pressure".

Perez said that the magistrates of the Court "argued jurisprudence that is no longer in force," in addition to allegedly "advanced criteria that corresponded to another body in the justice system," among other arguments that did not give details.

The appeal, said the secretary of the newly created political group, with these arguments "will be enough to achieve the registration of our candidate", the also exmagistrada of the Supreme Court of Justice.

Perez, in the company of the vice president of the Seed Movement, Jonathan Menkos, warned that the Constitutional "will prove whether it is on the side of justice or on the side of corruption," with the decision it makes regarding the political future of Thelma Aldana .

In the reception of the Constitutional Court, Perez affirmed that there are "traditional" political parties that, according to wiretaps leaked to the press, "argue that they can have direct access to judges and magistrates, to Congress and the Presidency and also to personnel of the Judicial body".

On April 10, the Supreme Court of Justice denied the candidacy to the Presidency to the ex-General Aldana, seconding the decision nine days ago of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal to reject his participation, despite the fact that it had been admitted by the Citizens' Registry.

Aldana commanded as prosecutor, together with the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), a strong anti-corruption fight since 2015 in the three branches of the State, in which they dismantled more than a dozen cases involving senior officials and politicians, including the son and brother of the current president, Jimmy Morales.

Since her intentions to participate in politics became known, there have been several denunciations and accusations that have arisen against her, according to her, with the intention of weakening her and trying to prevent her from participating in order to put an end to the scourge of corruption.

On March 18, a judge issued a warrant for his arrest for allegedly committing the crimes of "embezzlement for theft, continued ideological falsehood and special cases of tax fraud", for a case that is under reserve.

On June 16, Guatemala will elect its future president and vice-president, in a suffrage that also contemplates deciding for 160 deputies to the Congress, 340 municipal corporations and deputies for the Central American Parliament.


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