Guatemala lives its weekend with more cases of COVID-19 and total 3,106

Guatemala added 370 positive cases of COVID-19 this Sunday, the highest number in just 24 hours for the second consecutive day and exceeded its own records in the same weekend with 681 infections, reaching 3,106 in total.

The President of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei Falla, warned the population that, if cases continue in the current trend, which continues to rise with hundreds of infections every day, it will be necessary to "close the country for 15 days , including the industry "of the country.

The president assured in his message on the national radio and television network that his administration has done "everything in our hands" to fight the coronavirus, but asked the population to be "responsible" because "if we are not careful we will to reach 500 cases per day. "

Giammattei explained that 2,366 tests were carried out this Sunday, of which 370 were positive, so the Central American country achieved the highest number of tests carried out in a single day, in addition to reaching an average of 1,746 tests for every million inhabitants.

"We are trying to reach the largest number of people who could have been in contact with the viruses," said the president.

He added that three more patients died and joined the other 55 people who lost their lives and, in total, add a mortality rate of 1.65 percent.

The president mentioned that, as of this Monday, through a governmental agreement, the Coronavirus National Commission the Coronavirus will enter into force, which will be chaired by Dr. Edwin Asturias, a renowned Guatemalan pediatrician and infectologist, professor at the University of Colorado.

Asturias will be in charge of articulating the efforts of the public and private systems in order to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"So that our system does not collapse, we need the accompaniment of all private hospitals and autonomous entities," the president ignored.

Giammattei also indicated that more than 538,000 people have registered for the Family Bond, a government program to support low-income people with $ 130 a month between May and July to alleviate the economic crisis caused by the virus, adding that at least 11,000 workers had joined the "severance pay" program.

The presidential provisions that restrict free locomotion between departments, as well as the curfew between 5 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon between Monday and Friday and the 48 hours of the following weekend, will remain in force as "an effort to fight against the disease, "concluded Giammattei.


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