March 2, 2021

Guardiola wants to continue in Manchester

The coach reaffirmed his commitment to City today, while going through one of his most difficult seasons with the almost lost Premier

For at least another year, Pep Guardiola wishes to continue under the orders of the City, with which he is going through his fourth season. The Catalan coach has recognized today that he feels very comfortable in English football and in a club that «has grown a lot and has very high expectations». However, plans this year in the Premier are not coming out as planned. His team, current English League Champion, marches third, to eleven points of the relentless Liverpool of Klopp. The former Barcelonist has signed his worst league start, in which he has already lost 16 points. The celestial ones could at least cut three points with the victory against Leicester, although Liverpool has one less game.

Despite not facing his most promising season, Pep has reaffirmed his commitment to the English club. «This is my fourth season and the next will be the fifth. It's a long time but I'm incredibly well here. Now we must see if I deserve a new contract but I will try to stay »he assured.

Guardiola also wanted to demonstrate on the new outbreaks of racism in football: «I will support my players if they decide to leave the field. We support any initiative against racism, but it is not a job only for clubs. Racism must be fought daily, in schools and families. It's about building a better future for future generations ». «It is a problem that has been dragging on for decades, centuries. Now more is visualized because the media is above. We have to fight, but it will take time to completely eradicate it, ”he added.


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