Guardiola on Silva: "Mateo luch for his life, David is now stronger and more mature" - La Provincia

Guardiola on Silva: "Mateo luch for his life, David is now stronger and more mature" - La Provincia

In an interview for the BBC 5 radio station, Pep Guardiola, coach of Manchester City, reviewed some of his most important moments as coach of the English team. In it he had time to remember the difficult moments he lived David Jiménez Silva with his son Mateo, that was born prematurely and whose evolution had in suspense the whole staff of the citizens.

He explained that David Silva, Gran Canaria midfielder, is "stronger and more mature" after having overcome the difficult situation his son Mateo lived, born prematurely in December 2017. "Mateo fought for his life for several months and we told him that if he had We had to go to Spain and stay there and then return, there was no problem, we told him we would be there for everything he needed, "he said. "David is strong, I think he's more mature. I have the feeling that he laughs more now, that he talks more. It has been great to see this happy ending in such a difficult situation. I think Mateo will be strong because he has survived, so everything that happens to him in his life will be able to handle him, "Guardiola added.

Silva, who scored the first of his team's three goals this week in their Champions League match against Shakhtar Donetsk (0-3), explained a few months ago in The Sun, the "difficult moments" he experienced before the situation of his son. "I was scared to death, it was very difficult, the most complicated moments of my life," he acknowledged.

During that same interview, Silva thanked Pep Guardiola for everything he did so that he could turn around with his family at a delicate stage. "I've always been well treated by the club, but when Mateo was born prematurely I think it was the moment when I realized how much the club means to me." He also wanted to thank Guardiola for his support: "Pep told me there was nothing more important than my family." Take all the time you need to take care of your son, your family and also you, "he said.

This same summer, on the first day of the Premier League, David Silva presented his son Mateo in public when he took the photo with the starting line-up of Manchester City, in the game of the season that faced Huddersfield Town (6-0).


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