June 17, 2021

Guardiola: “Kun is leaving because he wants to play with the best, Leo Messi”

Guardiola, with the prop of the Premier League conquered by Manchester City.

Guardiola, with the prop of the Premier League conquered by Manchester City.

Pep Guardiola burst into tears when talking about Sergio Agüero, who will leave Manchester City on June 30. The coach hinted that the Argentine will head to Barcelona: “Maybe I’m going to reveal a secret. Kun is close to reaching an agreement with the club of my heart“And he went even further when he dropped that he believes Kun will play with his friend Leo Messi. “He wants to go because he wants to play with the best player of all time: Leo Messi,” Guardiola explained in statements to the BBC to justify the departure of the Argentine striker, one of City’s great legends. “I am sure that they will enjoy and make Barça stronger,” added the coach of the English team.

Before the cameras of Sky Sports, Guardiola could not hold back the tears when asked by the Argentine after lifting the fifth Premier League title. “We love him very much. He has been a very special person for all of us. We cannot replace him. He has always shown his quality here”, said the technician.

Regarding the title that they were able to lift this Sunday in front of some 10,000 fans at the Etihad Stadium, Guardiola pointed out that they have been “very lucky” to have been able to celebrate it with people.

“The stadium is not full, but even so, it is much better than without people. All titles are special. This one is different because of the pandemic and the problems we have had. That makes it mega special, “Guardiola said.

City will be able to complete the treble next week in the Champions League final against Chelsea. “It is a dream come true for this club. It will be our first time and we will give everything to try to win,” he added.


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