Guardiola: "It only happens once in life" | sports

Guardiola: "It only happens once in life" | sports

"It only happens once in life."

That's how explicit it was Pep Guardiola when asked in Trento for the triumphal stage that he starred among 2008 and 2012 in Barcelona.

The Catalan coach gives a lot of play each time he stops to talk about football. They ask the Italians if some day the calcium will return, the English insist on the aspirations of the Manchester City In the Champions League, the Germans want to know what they think of the Bayern Munich crisis and they all require him for Messi and his link with Barcelona. Already protagonist in All or Nothing, the Amazon series about Manchester City, and in the book Cudder of Manchester written by Luis Martín and Pol Ballús, as well as in the program Valdano Universe Movistar, the City coach joined Carlo Ancelotti and Arrigo Sacchi at the Auditorium Santa Chiara to participate in the Festival of Sport organized by the newspaper La Gazetta dello Sport. "The beauty of football explained by the masters" was called the talk before the appearance with Guardiola's media.

Guardiola said that when he views the images of his achievements with Barça he feels a bit of "nostalgia" and also "joy for having enjoyed an excellent connection between players, club and coach: the two times we won the Champions League with Barça We did with seven players from the youth academy, players like Xavi, Iniesta, Valdés, who entered the club at seven and eight years old. It was a combination of stars; These things happen once in a lifetime, "he said. "The club trusted me, who had trained the affiliate, and players who had an affinity. We also had money to buy great players and the best in the world by far [Messi]. That happens once in a lifetime. In twenty years, if we continue reading our history in the books it will be good, something we will have left ".

According to the coach of the City, the formula for success in Barcelona was "constancy" and be able to dispose of Messi: "It is a competitive, fierce animal that hates to lose. If the team accompanies you at major events, he makes the difference. He and Cristiano Ronaldo have been scoring 50 goals each season for 10 years, it's incredible. " As on previous occasions, Guardiola considers Johan Cruyff as fundamental in his career and in that of Barça for "having opened my eyes. Cruyff helped us understand football differently. We won and he explained to us why we won and when we lost the same. He made us fall in love with that game. "

Winner of LaLiga with Barça, Bundesliga with Bayern and Premier with City, Guardiola is always asked about the Champions League. "Our best success as a club was a semifinal, in 2016," he said about his European aspirations with the City. "I do not know if we are prepared; We have no history to say if we are up to the task. Honestly I do not know. " The coach believes that among the top candidates to win the European Cup are "Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juve, with Cristiano has given the signal that this year wants the Cup and each season is closer. You also have to take into account Atlético, who plays at home and has always done well in recent years. I hope I can also be there. "

Very comfortable in Manchester, Guardiola did not rule out the possibility of returning to calcium, now as a coach: "Me in Italy? Why not? A few years ago I did not think I would end up working at Bayern Munich, which happened in 2013. Now I'm fine in the Premier; The English football environment is very polite. "

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