March 8, 2021

Guardiola hits the roof of Pellegrini in the Champions

Guardiola hits the roof of Pellegrini in the Champions

"I did not come here to win the Champions." There are messages that chase you throughout life and that phrase Guardiola before playing the second leg against Tottenham will pursue him, at least, until next year. It does not matter what Pep would like to say. It does not matter that this phrase does not mean a waiver to win the maximum continental trophy. It does not matter that Guardiola does not reduce his success to win a specific title. Does not matter.

Bilardo said to his players that they would know if he was a good coach when he had stopped training them. If they kept doing things they had learned with him then, he was a good coach. But football no longer has time to look at such a long term. The constant arrival of money carts to some clubs, for example Manchester City, makes everything urgent. There is no time to build anything. Not even for Guardiola, the coach who has changed the most football in the last fifteen years.

Everything is urgent and patience does not exist. There are only trenches. And in those, Pep is attacked or defended depends on who shoots. There is also no room for nuances. "We missed a penalty in the first leg, we created many chances against a very strong team, we made mistakes in the first two goals, but we were honest, we tried until the end, what we have done in these two seasons is incredible," he said after the match. But none of that counts. Nor does it count that the goal of Llorente could be with the hand that Tottenham preferred to throw the ball out than to play it to avoid running the risk of City catching him dislodged in a counter. "It's hard and cruel to lose like that, I'm totally in favor of the VAR, Llorente's goal may be a hand, from my angle it seems, from the referee's, no," he lamented.

Guardiola has not managed to reach a final of the Champions League neither with Bayern nor with Manchester City. The German team had signed him for that, thinking it was easy after Heynckes had won the treble the previous season, but he was always in the semifinals, eliminated by Spanish teams. He fell to Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético. With the City has been eliminated once in the second round and two in the quarterfinals. Guardiola has managed to impose his style in the Premier, but in the last two seasons he has been eliminated by English teams. First Liverpool, now Tottenham.

Something happens when the City passes to the continent so that Pep has not been able to overcome Pellegrini's semifinals. Something happens for Pep to say after the first leg that sometimes it's better to lose 1-0 than to tie. With a draw, his team would now be in the semifinals of the Champions League. There are phrases that chase you all your life.


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