May 13, 2021

Guaidó's wife will assist in Miami to collect aid for Venezuela

Guaidó's wife will assist in Miami to collect aid for Venezuela

Fabiana Rosales, wife of Juan Guaidó, recognized as president of Venezuela by more than fifty countries, will attend this Saturday in Miami a day of collection of aid for the Venezuelan people in which their promoters hope to collect "hundreds of tons".

"The aid is coming (to Venezuela) no matter how much the dictatorship denies the humanitarian crisis and has tried to block it," Lester Toledo, appointed by Guaidó, international humanitarian aid coordinator, said Tuesday.

Toledo, who arrived in Miami from Panama, where, he said, it is possible that another aid collection center, such as those already existing in Colombia, Brazil and Aruba, will be working soon, participated in a press conference at the headquarters of the Help and Freedom Coalition Venezuela in Miami, which was officially inaugurated with this activity.

Marisol Diegues, director of the Humanitarian Aid Program for Venezuela in Miami, and Rodrigo Diamanti, responsible for Volunteers for Venezuela, which has more than one million members around the world, accompanied Toledo in his presentation.

According to Toledo, the Venezuelan people will be able to see on an undetermined date how Guaidó, the "first lady" Fabiana Rosales and the National Assembly deliver the aid that countries, institutions and people continue to donate in solidarity after February 23.

That day the "usurper" Nicolás Maduro "burned in the face of the people" who suffers the humanitarian crisis, food and medicines, remembered Lester Toledo.

Still is not going to announce the day of that "photography", nor is it announced every entry of a shipment of aid that by various "methods" has continued to arrive in Venezuela, he said.

"The aid has not stopped coming a single day, not even one hour and there are volunteers all over the world who have continued to work and collect" what the Venezuelan people need, he added.

Toledo said that before February 23, publicly reported everything related to the operation of delivery of aid, but in this "second phase" details are not given.

The coordinator anticipated that the event on Saturday with Fabiana Rosales as a participant will have a "mega" response from the people of Miami as befits a "mega" humanitarian crisis like the one that crosses Venezuela and assured the donors that their help will reach the Venezuelan people .

Diegues, which has been sending aid to Venezuela from Miami with its own organization for years, asked people to donate non-perishable food and prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, orthopedic and hospital supplies, formulas for young children, water purification tablets. water and worming.

They will not receive, because they do not have the capacity to handle them, toys, clothes, shoes or sheets.

Fabiana Rosales, who is touring countries that support her husband, who presides over the National Assembly, which is controlled by opposition to Maduro, will be received on Wednesday by US Vice President Mike Pence in the House Blanca

A White House official informed Efe of the meeting, in which Pence "will reiterate again the unwavering commitment of the United States to the defense of a free Venezuela."

Pence met Rosales during his visit to Bogotá on February 25, when he met with Guaidó and participated in a meeting of the Lima Group on the crisis in Venezuela.

More than 50 countries, with the United States at the head, consider that Maduro is not the legitimate president for having been re-elected in elections that they do not consider legal or democratic and recognize as president in charge of Guaidó, who on January 23 was proclaimed as such invoking several articles of the Constitution.


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