June 24, 2021

Guaidó will have "envoys" in regional integration summit in Chile

Guaidó will have "envoys" in regional integration summit in Chile

The head of the Parliament of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, recognized as president in charge of fifty countries, said on Monday that he will have "envoys" at the meeting of the Forum for the Progress and Development of Latin America Prosur, to be held next Friday in Chile.

"There will be some envoys from the Government in charge to back this initiative," Guaidó told reporters after a meeting with representatives of unions and the Frente Amplio coalition, which brings together opponents, workers from different areas and dissident Chavismo.

Guaidó said he will not be able to attend because he "has a very intense agenda this week" in Venezuela, although he said he will have representatives he did not identify.

The opposition noted that he received "a very kind invitation" from Chilean President Sebastián Piñera to attend this summit that seeks to find a parallel body to Unasur, installed in 2008 with the participation of Venezuela.

Last week, Ecuador became the seventh country in less than a year to announce that it suspends its participation in Unasur, after Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru did.

In the summit of this Friday the participation of the presidents of Argentina, Mauricio Macri is confirmed; Colombia, Iván Duque; Ecuador, Lenín Moreno; Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benítez, and Peru, Martín Vizcarra.

The leader of the Venezuelan Parliament, who declared himself president in charge on January 23, has a ban on leaving the country, which, however, has already made a mockery without the Prosecutor's Office having brought legal action against him.

Venezuela has experienced a new phase of political crisis since January, after Maduro's oath of office as president for a period of six years and the announcement by the head of Parliament of the assumption of the executive powers as president in charge.

Guaidó made this announcement because he considered that the president, Nicolás Maduro, "usurps" the Presence by having won elections that were branded as fraudulent and not recognized by the opposition and part of the international community.


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