Guaidó rethinks his street protests against Maduro for the coronavirus

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó said Thursday that he will rethink the strategy of street protests he had called against the Nicolás Maduro government, given the possibility that these could contribute to spreading the coronavirus in the Caribbean country.

"The threat of this pandemic forces us to take responsible measures and redefine street calls, always keeping our north clear: the fight for democracy is not suspended," said Guaidó, whom almost 60 countries recognize as interim president, in a video. disclosed on their social networks.

However, the opponent did not advance what his new protest strategy will be.

Maduro reported this same day that Venezuela has no confirmed cases of coronavirus, although in the last three weeks about 30 suspects were monitored.

The Chavista leader also ordered the suspension of flights from Europe and Colombia for one month, while declaring a "permanent state of emergency" in the Venezuelan health system for prevention, protection and to prepare it "to attend cases that are detected at some point in the country. "

It also banned mass rallies, which in practice amounts to suspending anti-government protests.

In this regard, Guaidó said that pandemics are not treated "with political control or with silence," but with "gifted hospitals and a functioning health system."

"Venezuela is today one of the most vulnerable countries to a coronavirus outbreak due to the complex humanitarian emergency," he added, referring to the crisis that the opposition has been denouncing for more than five years.

In this sense, he said that he will ask the world for support for the hospital system in Venezuela, a country that is going through the greatest crisis in its modern history.

"We reiterate that it is time to let in the support we have obtained for Venezuela," said Guaidó, recalling that he managed several tons of humanitarian aid in early 2019 that were collected in the country's borders with Colombia and Brazil, which the Government de Maduro did not accept.

In Venezuela, 46 hospitals from all over the territory have been enabled as centers to "exercise stewardship" in the control and prevention of coronavirus.

The Armed Forces, at Maduro's instructions, will be at the forefront of protecting the people, although their functions to contain the disease were not specified.


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