Guaidó rejects xenophobic acts against Venezuelans in Peru

The leader of the National Assembly (AN, Parliament), Juan Guaidó, whom more than 50 countries recognize as the president in charge of Venezuela, rejected Saturday the xenophobic attacks that some Venezuelans have suffered in Peru and asked for solidarity with the migrants who have left Your country "out of necessity."

According to a press release, during a meeting with supporters in Caracas, Guaido rejected the xenophobic acts that, he said, have affected some Venezuelans on Peruvian soil and insisted that they are citizens of "full rights" anywhere in the world.

The opposition leader informed that he communicated with the authorities of Peru and that the representative he appointed in that country, Carlos Scull, "is doing an important job to deal with the cases."

"Today we invoke the solidarity of the world. Personally, it is very painful to see that we are not only suffering here, but that we have also suffered to be able to insert ourselves again into another society," Guaidó said.

He said that most of the migrants in his country "are doctors, workers, entrepreneurs, craftsmen, fighters, survivors of a tragedy", so he urged "not to generalize" because he considered that "Venezuelans are good men and women, of work".

Therefore, he stressed the importance of granting Venezuelans refugee status because, in his opinion, "there is a vulnerability" regarding "the legality and documents of Venezuelans in these countries to function."

Also, Guaidó said that "it is not justifiable that any Venezuelan will commit a crime to another country."

The United Nations estimates that more than four million Venezuelans have left the country as a result of the complex humanitarian crisis, mostly in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

This week the representatives of these three countries asked the international community to contribute financially to continue responding to a humanitarian crisis that overflows their national structures.

During the UN General Assembly, senior representatives of the governments of these three nations indicated that despite the intense effort they make to absorb the incessant flow of refugees from Venezuela, their internal health, education and housing provision systems are saturated.

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