Guaidó receives blows and pushes from the Chavista crowd when he arrives in Caracas

Opposition leader Juan Guaidó, recognized as interim president of Venezuela by more than 50 countries, was brutally beaten on Tuesday by a crowd of Chavez waiting for him at the Simón Bolívar International Airport, which serves Caracas, when he was returning from an international tour of 23 days.

As soon as he left the air terminal, about 200 people gave him a succession of punches and beat him with blunt objects, also his wife Fabiana Rosales and several opposition deputies who recognize him as head of Parliament and came to receive him.

Several journalists were also attacked and assaulted by the group of Chavez in front of dozens of agents of the Bolivarian National Police (GNP) and the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB, militarized police), who did not prevent these acts.

The 36-year-old politician arrived in Venezuela around 5 pm local time (9 pm GMT) and was received by several dozen deputies.

Minutes after leaving for the arrivals hall, he was beaten for several minutes until he left the place amidst shoving in a sturdy and gray vehicle.

“Venezuela: we are already in Caracas. I bring the commitment of the free world, willing to help us recover democracy and freedom. A new moment begins that will not admit setbacks and that needs us all doing what we have to do. The time has come. “he wrote on Twitter before leaving the airport.

The opponent plans to pronounce himself in a public square in eastern Caracas around 18.30 local time (22.30 GMT).


About a hundred Chavismo supporters, some identified as workers of the state airline Conviasa, recently sanctioned by the Donald Trump government, concentrated hours before at the terminal’s arrival gate and shouted slogans against Guaidó.

With phrases “like Guaidó, pro-imperialist fascist” or “outside the right, the country is respected,” the supporters of President Nicolás Maduro crammed the terminal spaces and even argued with opposing legislators who forced them to leave the area.

Some showed posters where you could read the messages “Guaidó, damn jalabola (flatterer) of the gringos” or “Guaidó, marico”, a word used in Venezuela to refer disparagingly to homosexuals.

The deputies, on the other hand, faced problems arriving at the terminal after the bus they were traveling in was held by a police cordon.

Several of the legislators then decided to walk a long way to get to the airport and show their support for Guaidó.


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