Guaidó promises more pressure against Maduro and asks for opposition union

Opposition leader Juan Guaidó, recognized as interim president of Venezuela for more than 50 countries, announced Tuesday that international pressure against the Government of Nicolás Maduro will increase and called for the union of all forces opposed to Chavismo.

“The pressure mechanisms will increase. However controversial they will continue to increase,” said the opponent in front of dozens of deputies who recognize him as head of Parliament, two hours after his arrival in Venezuela after a 23-day international tour .

From the wealthy town of Chacao, Guaidó recriminated the aggressions he suffered at the airport with his wife Fabiana Rosales, deputies and journalists by “irregular groups” and “with the complicit look of state agencies.”

“It’s a cowardly dictatorship … because they don’t accept their destiny. Coward Nicolás that you don’t face, not me that we defeated you a long time ago, but the people who want to get you out of there once,” he said.

Guaidó asked Venezuelans not to get used to Maduro’s “dictatorship” and in that sense he urged them to resume street protests against the Executive that in past years have become violent and have left dozens of deaths.

For this, he explained, it is necessary “the union” of all political leaders and that sectors such as unions or students claim in the streets the onslaught of the crisis in the South American country.

“We have to make ourselves felt in all spaces … that is the determining factor to achieve victory,” he said.


The opposition leader convened a parliamentary session for Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. GMT although he did not explain if they will try to enter the Federal Legislative Palace again, the seat of Parliament that currently controls a small group of opposition dissidents chaired by Deputy Luis Parra.

In the last three weeks, while Guaidó was received as president in countries such as the United States or France, the opposition majority that recognizes him as leader of the chamber could not access the parliamentary headquarters due to impediment of the public force and the so-called “collective” , groups of civilians frequently armed similar to Chavismo.

Guaidó said that in his tour he got the “commitment of several (organizations) multilateral” for the creation of the “Venezuela Fund for the recovery of the country” that will be launched “once the transition begins”, that is, if it gets to put end to the Chavista government.


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