September 24, 2020

Guaidó describes as propaganda the shipment of Iranian fuel to Venezuela

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó considered on Wednesday that the shipment of fuel from Iran to Venezuela has been used as an “element of propaganda” and said he presumed that this load had been paid for with gold illegally extracted from the south of his country, due to the US-imposed sanctions to the Government of Nicolás Maduro.

“The first to publish the alleged threat to ships is precisely an Iranian news agency from Tehran,” said the leader, who is recognized by more than 50 countries as interim president of Venezuela, during a virtual meeting called “Conversation with Juan Guaidó “, which was organized by the Washington-based Inter-American Dialogue Study Center.

Last Sunday, the Foreign Ministry of Iran warned the United States that it reserves the right to take “appropriate and necessary measures” in the face of Washington’s threats to impede its transportation of fuel to Venezuela.

In a letter to UN Secretary-General António Guterres, Iran denounced those threats against its tankers and tankers as “illegal, dangerous and provocative”, as well as a form of piracy and a major threat to peace and security. international.

But Guaidó pointed out that the gasoline sent from the Persian country hardly “represents a day of production or processing of fuel barrels in Venezuela.”

“Venezuela has the installed capacity to process 1.3 million barrels a day of crude,” said the also president of the Venezuelan National Assembly (Parliament), who criticized that “today they are doing a whole propaganda apparatus to say that they are coming 1, 25 million barrels of gasoline, which is the consumption, in the normal situation of Venezuela, of two days of gasoline. ”

Due to the confinement measures for the pandemic, Guaidó calculated that the shipment could be enough to supply “between 10 and 20 days.”

“Who guarantees that there is crude in the tankers? What was this crude paid for?” Asked Guaidó, who pointed out that they presume that the payment was made “with gold from illegal extraction from southern Venezuela.”

Likewise, he warned that with this fuel load, whose purchase was not authorized by the Venezuelan Parliament, Latin America is being linked to “something that has been alien” to the region, such as the Iranian conflict.

“They want to link Venezuela, which has a position that, as you know, is strategic and should be a cause for alarm for the region,” he said.

Guaidó also linked to the “propaganda” of the Maduro government the allegations of two failed raids on the coasts of Venezuela, in which at least eight people died and 46 more were detained, including former US military personnel Luke Denman and Airam Berry, both with job IDs from the military contractor Silvercorp, based in Florida (USA).

“The only ones that this operation served precisely went to the Maduro regime to use it as propaganda, to victimize itself internationally and to point me out again, pointing us to the democratic alternative and to the government in charge and the national Parliament, to continue persecuting”, Guaidó stressed, who said he had no information on past incursion attempts on May 3 and 4.

“We denied participation from the outset,” insisted the opposition leader, who admitted that on April 30 he did participate in a dialogue with a group of soldiers seeking a transition in Venezuela.


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