Guaidó creates a commission with which he hopes to take the Telesur signal from the government

The opposition leader Juan Guaidó, whom more than 50 countries recognize as president in charge of Venezuela, announced on Sunday the creation of a commission with which he hopes to take away from the Government of Nicolás Maduro the control over the signal of the multistate Telesur channel.

"After evaluating the relevant legal and institutional options, I have made the decision to start a process of reorganization and rescue of Telesur to put it at the service of truth, plurality, Venezuelan and regional democracy," the opponent said on Twitter.

He explained that the "Presidential Commission for the restructuring of Telesur" will be made up of a team whose names will be announced in the next few days, but said that they are "professionals with experience and independence who will lead the process to put the signal at the service of the freedom".

"The Commission will assume the task of coordinating with the allies of the region to initiate the process of effective replacement of the current signal with a new plural and democratic content that can be transmitted and tuned progressively inside and outside Venezuela," he added.

Guaidó had advanced on Saturday, during a street assembly in western Caracas, that he would make announcements "to recover the signal from Telesur", the channel founded 14 years ago, which has the participation of Nicaragua, Bolivia, Uruguay, Cuba and Venezuela .

According to Guaidó, this station that defends the so-called Bolivarian revolution, in power since 1999, and its political allies in the world "promotes terrorist groups", inequality and misinformation.

The president of Telesur, the Colombian journalist Patricia Villegas, reacted in the same social network to the announcements of Guaidó.

"The deputy speaks of what he does not know and clearly does not understand. His own are the photos on the border with the Rastrojos and how he jumps gates. We continue," Villegas wrote minutes after the opponent published his messages.


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