Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

Guaidó announces aid of $ 20 million for COVID-19 in Venezuela

The opposition leader of Venezuela Juan Guaidó announced this Wednesday the delivery of 20 million dollars, coming from “accounts rescued by the government in charge”, to international organizations for the attention in the country of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have managed to recover 20 million dollars to be granted and administered by international multilateral organizations, which directly deliver the aid that is sorely needed in Venezuela,” said the opponent in a statement he shared on social networks.

Guaidó, recognized as interim president of Venezuela by fifty nations, explained that this money comes “from accounts rescued” by the opposition, without giving details or specifying which accounts he refers to.

This aid, he said, will “allow the provision of protective equipment” for health professionals, collaborate with the restoration of the irregular water service in some hospitals and help with products such as antibacterial gel “that are sorely needed.”

The opponent has made it an “inalienable” condition that these resources “not go through the handling of the usurper (President Nicolás Maduro) or his accomplices” because, he said, Chavismo would steal and extort money as it has “in recent years” .

“For aid to really reach those most in need, serious and responsible agencies must direct it,” he insisted.

He announced the appointment of deputies Carlos Berrizbeitia and Juan Pablo Guanipa to coordinate eventual international aid that is destined to combat the pandemic in the country.

“No serious, international financial organization will lend the millions that are needed as long as there is a corrupt dictatorship and drug trafficker in power … we can get support but the Armed Forces must remove the obstacles,” he continued.

The Chavista Executive has so far received help from China and Russia, its greatest political and commercial allies, but has also requested a loan of 5 billion dollars from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that it has not yet obtained.

Guaidó stressed that the country is not prepared for a pandemic but said he was willing to do “whatever it takes to stop the suffering” of Venezuelans, although he later ruled out having the intention of achieving a new dialogue with the Chavista government.

“It will be these international organizations that make life in Venezuela who will define the priorities in distribution, final allocation of this support, will guarantee its transparency to ensure that it reaches those who really need it,” he added.


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