May 16, 2021

GTA 5 and GTA Online in 2019: what we will have and what we expect

GTA 5 and GTA Online in 2019: what we will have and what we expect

As we explained last December, GTA Online Y Red Dead Online is it so condemned to understand. The new Rockstar project puts on the table a new best-seller in the market, which will inevitably make the efforts dedicated to Grand Theft Auto 5 for more than five years begin to decrease little by little, a task not at all easy to cope with in the New York company, but inevitable.

Not in vain, GTA V and its corresponding successful online mode have to stay alive. It is a necessity; because it continues to generate income and benefits for Take-Two. Just remember that in 2017 he signed his best year at the billing level. That is why today, in full digestion of the Christmas holidays in an already entered 2019, we wonder what is to come to the title of one hundred million units and what we want to give us.

More weekly updates

The first thing that must be made clear is what the developer herself has said even before the release of Red Dead Redemption 2: the game will continue to be updated with news on a regular basis. This periodicity does not present changes in this first stage of the current season 2019, with weekly updates announced every Tuesday. In the week that this article is published, GTA Online players will receive Weapons Satan from hell Y Black Widow, the new weapons of the Republican Space Ranger.

To that we have to add the days of double GTA $ and RP in different series such as Arena War and in the usual competitive modes with vehicles. In 2018 it has been proven that it works, that it is content that people demand and consume; that things should not be changed until there are signs of exhaustion.

What we want and what we want to avoid

What the public has been crying for a long time is that the updates of the adventures of Finance and Crime should be left aside, since they are very similar to each other and would be repeating almost identical content for three years.

For its part, one of the greatest wishes for GTA Online in 2019 is that we have more crossovers between the title and Red Dead Redemption 2. It is clear which of the two titles weighs more in this particular balance, but making both universes come together and give feedback is but a way to inject life into the two projects.

The first ones we have had worked wonders, we just need to take a look at the feedback received, but there is still room for improvement and action to get more out of certain items and exclusive elements only obtainable with these temporary events. We remember that of the Stone Hatchet or the one from the early access in which we could obtain a High Roller double-action revolver followed by a mission whose completion offered us 250,000 GTA $ for Grand Theft Auto Online. As they say, a Win-Win.

You can still create many missions like this one, that are temporary in nature and reward constancy, the loyalty that is so hard to achieve and even more to maintain. But if there's a studio capable of doing it, it's certainly Rockstar. Those five years of constant updates in GTA Online can be six, maybe seven. We do not know.

Let's forget GTA 6

What we do know is that in 2019 we will not have GTA 6. Everything we have been able to read, hear and see are simply unfounded rumors, may be indications, but nothing concrete or said by Rockstar. Although they are already working on a videogame for the next generation of consoles, it is unknown what can be treated, so we will not go into depth in this regard to be only speculative material.

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